The Beauty of Art and its Creation

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Art is a concept that emerged long before the thought of civilization was brought to light. It exists in different forms, including visual art, fine art, applied arts, creative art etc.

Art is as old as humanity, with fine arts being dated back to the time of the cave dwellers who did their wall paintings and drawings on cave walls. Nevertheless, even the earliest creations of art, could still in one way or the other directly relate with man today.

It’s not just about creativity, It is just about the person you are becoming while you creating.

Art most times is an expression of thoughts lying deep within the mind, expression of emotions, perceptions and desires. We expose how we experience the world and all of its beauty through this medium – “art”. More so, certain concepts that words alone cannot express, can easily be communicated through arts. With tons of art works having a place in our day-to-day life, art can be said to be an essence of living.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Art and the creations of art usually elicit some sense of wonder, awe, hope, adoration. However, they could also bring into the open feelings of despair, spite; but in all the feelings of the heart is sprung up by art.  Art is beautiful in every sense, whether it is a work of paint or a sculpture, whether other people inspire it or it is an entirely new invention.

The Beauty of Art and its Creation

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Is there really a definition for the beauty of art?

Beauty often entails the combination of lines, shapes, texture and colors that pleases the mind; it often involves a sense of vagueness. It is that feeling that you get when you set your eyes on a wall painting, a canvas print, a work of ceramic, or even when you see a play that speaks to your deepest feelings.

The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist

No doubt, beauty is often associated with art. When we see art, we appreciate it; we see beauty written all over it and most times, we are compelled to call it out as- beautiful. Yet in all, the beauty of art is one wild concept that has no definition. It varies from the creator (artist) of the artwork to the recipient audience that the art is communicating. There is usually this kind of tension that exists between individual tastes, whenever an artwork is present. Therefore, it is best to see art as a matter of personal discernment.

The Beauty of Art and its Creation

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The beauty of art is quite difficult to put down in words due to lack of adequate language to describe it. Without further ado, the beauty of art is what the mind makes out of it, what the mind’s preference is and that which could call out to the heart. What a person perceives from art is just what we can call the beauty of that artwork!

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Art is fascinating in its ability to reflect its own creator right through it. At the same time, its ability to make others see the underlying intention of its creation, whether they be pretty and bright or dark and gloomy – is just the true beauty of art itself!

The Beauty of Art and its Creation

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