The Best Paintings of Modern Art

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That small sample of enchantment that the human being possesses, that aspect that should never leave our mind and soul, since, they grant us a sensation of exceptional visual pleasure. The artists have shaped our hearts of joyful colors, but also of sad nights, endowed with melancholy and passion. It seems magic what they do, how they enchant a cluster of people with fine and well-designed strokes. Modern art – from the beginning of the Contemporary Age at the end of the 17th century to today – has given us wonderful authors and paintings, and in this article, we will show you the most outstanding paintings of this era.

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  • Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh (1889)

Image by – dalipaintings

  • The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dalí (1931)

Image by – inknerd

  • The Elephants – Salvador Dalí (1948)

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  • Dance at the Moulin de la Galette – Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1876)

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  • The Temptation of San Antonio – Salvador Dalí (1946)

Image by – 02varvara

  • La Guernica – Pablo Picasso (1937)

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  • The Two Fridas – Frida Kahlo (1939)

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  • Self-portrait – Vincent Van Gogh (1889)

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  • The Dream – Pablo Picasso (1932)

Image by – pablopicasso

  • Woman in the Mirror – Pablo Picasso (1932)

Image by – galleryintell

  • The Lunch of Memories – Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1881)

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  • The Umbrellas – Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1886)

Image by – revolverwarholgallery

  • Marilyn White – Andy Warhol (1962)

Image by – pablo-ruiz-picasso

  • The Young Ladies of Avignon – Pablo Picasso (1907)


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