Best Paintings of All Time

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Best Paintings of All Time

Art, when meets a canvas, become hypnotic paintings. Painting is an art form that rose to the peaks of success in the past, witnessed a downfall, and rose again. Many painters, with their brilliant imagination, have created masterpieces that still leave everyone spellbound. These paintings are a testimony to their skill and talent.

The universe is full of art and inspiration but only a visionary artist can pick up a paint and brush to illustrate their thoughts and give a face to their imaginations in form of beautiful paintings.

For some, the greatest painting of all time is Mona Lisa. However, there are other paintings as well that have left their mark in this industry. Here we will discuss some of the best paintings of all time. Let’s have a look.

The Birth of Venus

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Painted by Sandro Botticelli probably in the mid of 1480s, The Birth of Venus is a painting that depicts the emergence of Goddess Venus from the sea as a young lady. Some of the most appealing parts of this painting are the beauty of the Goddess Venus and her shy posture with another lady trying to cover her up. This masterpiece is currently put on display in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery.

No.5, 1948

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No. 5, 1948 is a painting made by Jackson Pollock. It is a signature piece of art that portrays the chaos raging within Pollock at the time of painting. Some people would not find anything appealing in this painting, however, this painting is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold by an American artist. This painting was sold for $140 million that many of us can find unbelievable but the buyer of the painting was of the view that the meshes and swirls give an idea of the chaos going on within Pollock at the time when he was making this artwork.

Massacre of the Innocents

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There are some paintings that just portray the imaginations of the painter Peter Paul Rubens while there are also some paintings that depict some past event and make them immortal for generations to come. One of those paintings is the Massacre of the Innocents. This painting depicts the biblical massacre of innocents in Bethlehem. This painting can give you chills with its realistic look.

Whistler’s Mother

Image by – wikipedia

Whistler’s Mother is also one of the most famous paintings of all time made by an American artist James McNeill Whistler. In this painting, Whistler has painted her mother sitting peacefully on a chair against a grey wall. It is also known as “Arrangement in Grey and Black”. The Artist’s Mother” because the artist, James has only used shades of grey and black in this painting.

These are some of the fascinating paintings that have inspired many young painters around the globe. With these paintings, new painters can learn how to use the color schemes and how imaginations can be portrayed on a canvas.

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