How some famous artists take inspiration

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How do artists/people make art?

What is the actual driving force behind their creation? Man creating visual arts about the complex and insight reasons from the beginning of human history. If you visit the Art Museum, you can see how true it is. The question starts with the artwork process, “What would I like to create?” You, as an artist, interested in asking the same question: What do you want to create? You probably do not know where to start. Even if you believe that you want to search, it is capable of increasing the horizons, in which other artists have investigated previously.

Inspiration is something that helps you generate ideas

Following is a list of a number of different motivations, purposes, rationales, incentives, the ideas behind the art, or intentions through which the famous artists take inspiration from:

As part of a ceremony, cultural, or ritual tradition

Sudipto Kumar Ghosh

These items are ready for a specific purpose. They contain only meaning and significance within this context. Once they finish it, they do not have much need, and they are unfortunately broken, or rejected. They are born with aerobic ideology on the workmanship. However, they are not created in the sense that today we consider art, as it is something really important. In the long history of art formation, many, thousands of years – considering the art, we enter in this category.

Teaching something, with the help of using visual rather than using verbal language

Andrew Hockenberry

Once most people were not educated, the photographs were used to help people to remember and understand the religious views and history.

To tell a story—from literature, religion, music or poetry, or mythology

Artworks are used to portray some exceptional forms taken from the past history or in order to explain some stories through the art works.

El Greco’s “Laocoon”. Credit artble

As a portrait of someone, which can include physical characteristics, personality, the artists’ interpretation of or relationship to that person


Art works are used to show case someone extra ordinary aspects ,either be physical or any other form of interpretation, like Art Work of Mona Lisa described the characteristics of her physical appearance and looks and how beautiful someone’s simple smile can be.

To reflect and display the beauty of nature

Arturo Espinosa

Artist s use art works in order to showcase how beautiful the nature is. Many people have different perceptions to see the beauty of nature. Art pieces look amazing when best described the extraordinary effective formations defining nature.

To expose the real

Protest art in Japan 1950. “Deification of a Soldier,” painted by Yamashita in 1967, seems to presage his public confession; the eye sockets of a skull perched over a two-headed horse peer up at its helmet, but they cannot look out, only inward, imprisoned by cursed memories. Credits apjjf

Art is used to display the reality. What is going on or what has gone by, is best described with the help of Art.

Artists keep themselves motivates and focused by many things they are interested with in order to develop Art. You can do this in many ways: a list, mind maps, words scattered on the page, sketches, or whatever works best for you. Whatever inspires artists to the most, becomes a reason to the productivity in the development of the masterpiece from their area of interest.


Feature Image – Sofia Valkanidou

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