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What is art?

Art is a subject of discussion able to create all kind of opinions and discussions. Whiteout a doubt it has to be one of the more controversial subjects nowadays whit the increasingly amount of new artists. Nowadays artists come in different forms, treat numerous subjects and post their art on different platforms.

Some think that just by posting your work on social media doesn´t make you an artist, some others do. So we might ask ourselves: What is art?

Art has changed since the very first drawings made in cavemen. It now seems like there isn´t any clear direction. A few decades ago, art was supposed to imitate life and follow rigorous rules, but that just blew away! So who is right? The ones that think that art should imitate life or the ones that enjoy more abstracts pieces?

Thoughts and feelings together

What if we told you, that none? Art is more than a simple form or technique. Art´s main purpose is to create feelings and thoughts in the audience. It doesn´t have to a determined feeling. It can be joy, rage, sadness … even indifference!

Is art supposed to be created by a distinct group of people? Or can anybody be an artist? In our opinion, anybody can be an artist as long as their work of art has a purpose and implies a thinking process. Being an artist doesn´t come by pure chance, it implies many hours of hard work, of trial and error. A piece of art should always have a purpose behind it.

Can we find art outside of museums? Some might think that if a piece of art isn´t in a gallery or museum it shouldn’t be considered as one. None the less during many years, renowned artists have tried to refute this idea. In this specific case, we are thinking about Duchamp that used to fill galleries with objects you could find in your daily life. It was a way to try to tell the audience, that even if an artist puts it there it does n´t automatically mean that it was ¨Art¨.

The origins of museums

Let´s remember the origins of museums. Museums used to be the art collections of kings and big personalities that in the end of their reigns were gathered together and declared owned national patrimony. Which means that they are the product of personal taste. Does it mean that the actual pieces we find in galleries don´t deserve to be there? Yes, they do! And they have so much to teach us, but it also means that a lot of creations were forgotten just out of personal taste.

In conclusion, we could consider any work piece, a piece of art. It just has to mean something to us and others. It doesn´t have to be hung up in a big gallery. It just has to have a purpose and a thought behind it. Art is the expression of ourselves. And wanted or not it will always have a mystic aspect behind it!

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