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Life nowadays is more sophisticated than it used to be. It’s the 21st century and events happening around the globe can be viewed, commented upon and reacted to through the internet. Getting information online might be an easy thing to do, but getting appropriate and accurate information is an arduous task that requires something more than simply surfing the internet. Accessing reliable information is a significant matter, which is why Freethinking made its appearance. 

Who we are

Freethinking is website which was developed in Greece (www.freethinking.gr) in 2017. Its content at the time was in Greek, making the majority of its visitors, Greek speakers. The website was rebranded to deliver more quality content, by making it accessible to people around the world through the English language. Freethinking covers various categories including Science, Philosophy, Health, World Top Stories, Art, etc., for its visitors.

What we do

At Freethinking, we have a broad range of experienced freelance writers for our day-to-day updates of the website, and they find pleasure in crafting top-notch content to meet the needs of our visitors. The information found in all our articles in each and every category has been thoroughly researched by our team of Pro Writers. We strive to uphold high standards regarding the validity and credibility of the information posted on our website.

Freethinking is a news and knowledge website that brings you nothing but the very best.

Our Purpose

In a vast sea of unreliable content and misinformation, we want to create a space where readers can access well-researched and thought-provoking articles. Moreover, our vision is to have at least one writer/contributor from every single country in the world.

Here at Freethinking we pride ourselves in giving visitors insightful content and informative updates.


Freethinking Team


Don’t hesitate to contact us: freethinking@fthinking.org

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