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Life now happens to be more sophisticated than it used to be, this is the 21st century and everything happening around the globe can be seen and reacted to through the internet. Getting various information from the internet might be an easy thing to do but getting the appropriate and viable message is another arduous task that requires something different than just surfing the internet. And in the fact that giving reliable information is a significant thing in this new generation, Freethinking has come in place as the rightful website for you all!

Who we are?

Freethinking is an 8 category website developed nearly 2 years ago in Greece (www.freethinking.gr) and also featuring its contents in Greek making almost all of its visitors from Greece. It was decided to rebrand the website to deliver more quality content by making it available to everybody around the world in its English version. Freethinking is an essential website covering the 8 categories of its webpage to the very undying satisfactory of its visitors and some of the categories it covers includes Science, Philosophy, Health, World Top Stories, Art. etc.

What we are doing?

Freethinking has a broad range of experienced freelance writers for our day-to-day updates of the website and these writers find pleasure in crafting superb contents that will meet the needs of our visitors. The contents are written for all the 8 categories in the website, and the information contained in the contents are beneficial for you because our group of Pro Writers goes deeply into research just to make sure they are conveying an important and useful message to you out there!

Surfing the internet is a choice that is made from the heart while providing the rightful information is what we are here for and any information found on our web page is nothing but a complete research and verified message that won’t cause you any trouble. Freethinking is a news and update website that brings you nothing but the very best in its 8 categories, just to be of help to you and your family through one way or the other!

Here at Freethinking; we pride ourselves in giving the best message and updates to our visitors!


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Don’t hesitate to contact us: freethinking@fthinking.org

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