Alcohol abuse in youths and its effects

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Is the most abused substance in the world by the youth. The accessibility to alcohol is what makes it top of the list for teenagers. Alcohol has great health as well as safety risks to the youth and there are many things that make it such a bad idea. Education the teenagers or the effects of alcohol is the only hope of eliminating the problem entirely. Regulating alcohol is also a great idea. In some cases, it is also important that parents be sensitized since most teenagers are exposed to alcohol right at home.

The risks associated with alcohol


There are many risks that you are exposed to when you consume alcohol in a way that is unregulated. The most common ones include:

  • Injuries and death: this is something that happens when one is under the influence of alcohol. You notice that the reasoning of such a person is rather low. Getting into fights is common when one is drunk. Also, if you drive while under the influence, you may get into an accident that could leave you injured or even dead. DUIs cause great dangers not only to the one committing them, but also to other road users who may be keen on staying sober as they drive.
  • Poor decisions: alcohol leads to incapacitation and one is unable to make sound decisions. You may find that alcohol leads to the engagement in risky behavior, including things such as unprotected sex. This is what makes STIs and STDs so rampant among the youth.
  • Sexual and physical assault: alcohol leads to the risk of physical and sexual assault since you may make poor judgments or be unaware of what is happening in your immediate surroundings.
  • Social issues: one may be unable to interact with others, especially if they begin getting dependent on the alcohol. This may get a young person in a lot of trouble at school and at home.
  • Interferes with the development of the brain
  • Risk of more alcohol related issues as an adult

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Why do kids choose to drink?

One of the main issues with our teenagers today is the desire to fit in and be accepted by peers. Everyone wants to look cool in the eyes of others. This is why they get influenced so fast and are unable to say no to alcohol when they should.

Parents have a great role when it comes to drinking in their children. It is important to have open communications as well as conversations that have to do with drinking. Don’t make alcohol accessible to the children. Talking may not be enough and the teenagers may still get into alcohol. If you suspect that the child has a drinking issue, get those help as soon as you can.

The statistics, law and science all indicate that teenage drinking is a very serious problem.

It should be treated as such and solutions put in place so as to make sure that we protect this future generation of leaders. Education really helps, but it has to start with the society accepting that there is a problem that needs to be handled.

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