Dangers of sitting

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As an entrepreneur, you probably tend to spend a good amount of your day at your desk or in meetings sitting down. In fact, you may enjoy a comfortable executive chair that leans back. Probably do not even notice what is happening to your body posture while you type, talk, and think away. You are naturally going to be tied to a chair because you have a business to run. You have papers to sort through, calendars to manage, calls to make, as well as documents to manage that require a computer. Sitting for long periods of time is dangerous though. Sitting can lead to many health issues that will affect you for years to come. So, it is time to get out of that chair.

Some entrepreneurs have gone as far as to ditch the desk chair for a treadmill.  A recent 60 Minutes investigative piece showed CEOs and executives working on a treadmill with a desk.  They simply wanted the health benefits of not sitting while still being productive.  You can find samples at this provider’s website.  People are going to such great lengths to not sit, so there must be a really good reason for doing so; it turns out there is: sitting too long can kill you.

The Washington Post did a very thorough piece on the dangers of sitting too long.  The consequences of sitting are vast.

Dangers of Sitting

  • Heart Disease
  • Over productive Panceres
  • Mushy abs
  • Tight hips
  • Limp Glutes
  • Poor Circulation in Legs
  • Soft Bones
  • Foggy Brain
  • Sore Back
  • Sore Shoulders and Neck
  • Inflexible Spine
  • Disk Damage


Correct sitting at desk posture ergonomics advices for office workers: how to sit at desk when using a computer and how to use a stand up workstation


Sitting for extended periods is now as taboo as smoking in the workplace. If you do it, you are putting yourself at risk of certain diseases. Sitting for long periods can lead to diabetes, blood clots, osteoporosis and a loss of stability. With such dire effects of prolonged inactivity in a chair, it is no wonder that doctors are sounding the alarms.

In addition to deadly disease, sitting, combined with computer and phone use, can play havoc on your body. It is estimated that looking at a computer screen or phone, when done wrong, can add up to sixty pounds of pressure to your neck and surrounding areas. Imagine the eventual wear and tear that this will take on your bones, joints, posture, and internal organs over time.

With all this in mind, not only is it important to sit right when you have to, but it is even more important to get up frequently and move around.  According to WEB MD, “Although experts aren’t sure how often you need to get up, they suggest getting up about every 30 minutes if possible”.

The right way to sit if you have to sit often is to try to do it correctly. As Mom always said, “Sit up straight.”

  • Not leaning forward
  • Shoulders relaxed
  • Arms close to sides
  • Elbows bent 90°
  • Lower back may be supported
  • Feet flat on the floor

As a business owner, you want to be around for a long time to see your operation thrive; therefore, it is integral that you do not sit for too long.  The more you sit, the more you gain to lose, and your completion will leave you in the dust.

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