How to Deal With Anger Issues

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Can be considered as a normal and healthy emotion that can happen to anyone at any time. The only problem is when you are unable to control it, thereby leading to many complications in the present and future. The natural and common way to express one’s anger is to act aggressively and react when we are attacked. It is safe to say a certain amount of anger is ok for survival, but when it is excess and you make drastic decisions, then you need to learn how to deal with it. When you are unable to control your anger, it could damage your relationships with people, impair your judgement, get in the way of your success and can also have a negative impact on the way people see you.

People’s behaviours differ, and so our methods of expressing our anger may not be alike. Most people show their anger feelings by expressing, calming or suppressing it.

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Expressing your anger feelings

This approach is when you make known how deep you are hurt in an assertive manner. This is the healthiest way, as you won’t be too demanding but stating how you feel.

Calming your anger feelings:

This is when you control your inward and outward behaviour when you are angry. Take your time to calm yourself down and let the anger feelings subside gradually.

Suppressing your anger feelings:

As bad as this is, it is common to see people hide or convert their anger feelings.

Expressing yourself is the best and easy way to deal with how you feel rather than holding it inside or converting the anger feelings to another innocent individual.

When you suppress your anger, you tend not to focus positively and keep thinking of what transpired in the past. If you don’t express your anger outwardly in an amicable way, your anger can turn inward on yourself. When your anger turns inward, it could make you think and can cause hypertension, high blood pressure or depression.

It could even make you hostile and have unsuccessful relationships with people

Learning how to deal and manage anger feelings is essential, so in order to be able to keep your anger in control, these few tips are important to note: 

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Once you are calm, express your anger

When angry you might likely not be able to think clearly, so you need to calm down and think. Express your anger in an assertive manner by stating your concerns and needs in a polite way. 

Think before you speak

Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgoten.

When angry it is possible to say things that you would regret for a life time. Take your time and think properly before saying anything concerning the issue. 


You can take a break and walk out of the situation at hand. A few quiet time can help you ease your anger feelings and think properly of your next actions.

Possible solutions

Think of what how best to proffer solutions to the issue instead of focusing on what made you angry. Anger makes everything worse; you shouldn’t let your anger control you in order to avoid regrets later.

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