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Researches and discoveries

Are a component of world evolution. People are always trying to improve their life quality. Health is something that concerns everyone due to its importance, you may have heard “Health is Wealth” it means that health is important than everything else in our life.

A healthy person has world’s greatest wealth known as ‘Health’. To make our health better, we should be aware of discoveries occurring in medical fields, especially for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Healthcare techniques and medicine technologies are shaping the future healthcare and medical fields.

Healthcare and Medicine techniques now use technology for creating products for the prosperity of mankind. Medical technologies have advanced and are going to be more advanced in just a few years, providing new diagnosis and treatment methods as well as machines to analyse data and do research on drugs.

Clinical use of medical technologies will bring a change and development that will assist mankind in several ways. Here you will know about some superb medical techniques that use technology and will shape the future healthcare and medical field. Let’s examine them.

Vocal Biomarkers’: A voice diagnostic future

Vocal ‘biomarkers’ could help diagnose heart disease. Credits pharmaphorum

Our voice is produced by vocal cords. In the past years, it was discovered that some features of the vocal cords were unknown. They revealed a lot about our health and it was seemed that they might become helpful in diagnostic purposes.

Researchers developed “Vocal Biomarkers,” which will help in spotting serious diseases and other health problems. It will be more helpful for diagnostic purposes as it will diagnose diseases accurately and may also become helpful in averting diseases.

3D printing

One New Liver, Please! Credits – princetoninnovation

Although 3D printing is already a famous technique, yet more researches in this field will help us in the future to produce whole organs that will help individuals and dying patients. This technique is already used for teeth and now it is being modified in producing artificial organs. That will be cheap and superior for both doctor and patients.

Brain Computer Interference (BCI)

Stanford researchers develop brain-controlled typing for people with paralysis.

Brain computer interference, also known as mind computer interference, is under research and will soon be an important element in the healthcare field, that will assist in controlling paralyzed limbs and so on. Even now some devices are invented that can examine our brain. It will lead to a revolution in the medical field.

Surgical Robots

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – January 11, 2016: Medical robot. Robotic Surgery. Medical operation involving robot. Da Vinci Surgery. Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System.

Surgeries are painful for both patients and experts as a small mistake can cause danger to the patient’s life. New surgical robots are going to be developed, similar to da Vinci surgical system developed by an American. These are going to be developed by Google and colossal pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. It will make complex and serious surgeries safer.

With the passage of time there will be more developments that will make healthcare procedures more reliable. The medical technologies described above are already available in market while some are under work and will be released soon.

These techniques will play an important role in shaping the future medical and healthcare concerns for human beings. People’s deaths due to illness and incurable diseases are going to be reduced and even eradicatd. Our lives will become reliable, happier and comfortable.

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