Get Facts About Whiskey and Its Health Benefits

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Whiskey is more beneficial than you think. It is ideal for losing weight and preventing dementia. It also plays an important role in improving heart health and combating diseases like diabetes.

It diminishes the levels of bad cholesterol in blood, fights cancer (one of the worst diseases in the world) and helps in the elimination of blood clots. If you are over 30, you can try drinking whiskey for strengthening the immune system. So, you can assure that whiskey is hands-down a very healthy beverage.

Countless images come to mind when we think of whiskey. We have seen it in cowboy movies where hard-drinking men take whiskey shots. The mere smell of whiskey leads fills your head. However, not everybody loves this form of alcohol. Many people drink whiskey without even knowing of its health benefits.

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Whiskey Facts

As many people, Whιskey is a distilled beverage with a certain degree of alcohol. A type of grain mash is utilized to make whiskey. So, the type of grain you use to produce Whιskey is essential since it will give it the flavor and quality.

Barley, corn and rye are used in the production of whiskey. A lot of manufacturers use pot or column stills and different kinds of whole grain to produce whiskey.

The processes are almost the same but the taste is quite different.

The storing and aging process determines the quality and price of this beverage

For example, rye and barley whiskey taste different because one is stored in an oak cask and the other in a wine one. For this reason, there are many types of whiskey around the world.

Being a connoisseur of this alcoholic beverage can bring lots of benefits to your life.

Whιskey , as many other alcoholic beverages, is sometimes considered as something very harmful for the liver and life if consumed deliberately. In a few words, when you consume whiskey everyday or on regular basis and excessively, the outcomes can be absolutely unsavory. It can produce the same effects of beer or wine.

Specialists recommend drinking 2-3 ounces of this beverage everyday so any side-effects can be eventually avoided.

In fact, drinking this amount of whiskey everyday can provide a number of benefits you can’t miss out. Before delving into more details about Whιskey , let’s first learn about its chemical composition.

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Some whiskey nutrition facts you should know

  • Low in saturated fat: it is not only low in saturated fat but also in bad cholesterol, sodium and carbs. Whιskey is a beverage compounded by a high level of alcohol and ellagic acid which makes whiskey a very powerful antioxidant.


  • Weight loss: many people think that drinking a lot of alcohol leads to loss of weight and muscle tone. Yet, if you don’t drink whiskey excessively, you will not have any problem with negative effects. As we’ve already reviewed, Whιskey contains a very small quantity of fat and sodium. It hardly contains carbohydrates and calories. For diabetic people, whiskey is very recommended specially because the amount of sugars contained in this liquor is easily broken down by the body. It is better for you to drink whiskey instead of beer If you are looking to lose or maintain your weight.


  • Protection for the heart: a lot of studies have been made and proved that whiskey is in effect provides a lot of benefits for the heart.


  • Prevents Dementia: other researchers have found out that whiskey boots the cognitive capacity and reduces the changes of suffering Alzheimer’s disease in the long run. These studies are still ongoing because some people state that alcohol is no way a good method for preventing and treating mental illnesses. Whιskey is rich in ellagic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals. In our body, there are a lot of free radical that interrupt the neural pathways causing dementia eventually. People who drink small amounts of whiskey can reduce the risks of mental decline. Whιskey is very useful when consumed in moderation. Drinking it excessively can kill a lot of brain cells!


  • Protects the cardiovascular system: it is known that when we get old, our cardiovascular system becomes frailer. Organs like the heart starts working inefficiently and all the other body systems become weaker. Yet, people who drink whiskey on a regular basis are further from getting a stroke or a heart attack than those who don’t. This means Whιskey can be really helpful to fight cardiovascular issues.


  • Recommended to reduce blood clotting: this problem is linked to cardiovascular issues. Blood clotting is important when you get cut or hurt but blood gets clotted internally, it can be very dangerous. Heart attacks, thrombosis and atherosclerosis occur when blood clots at key junctures. Whιskey can exponentially reduce blood-clotting because it is considered a blood-thinner. It increases good cholesterol in blood and protects your heart by counteracting the effects of bad cholesterol.


  • Prevents cancer: cancer is one of the most devastating diseases for man right now. Allegic acid is an antioxidant compound contained in whiskey. This type of acid eliminates free radicals that appear after cellular metabolism. Strokes, heart diseases and cancer are some of the problems caused by free radicals. Due to its high content of antioxidants, Whιskey can be effective to prevent cancer.


  • Boots immune system:  Whιskey has been proven to boost immune system’s capacity. Alcohol is not known for preventing illnesses and reinforcing the immune system but Whιskey is the exception evidently. Some researchers found that whiskey do have vitamins that strengthen the immune system. It means this liquor can be helpful to combat colds and infections. The power of whiskey to disinfect wounds is not fiction. Try pouring some whiskey on a wound so it will not get infected.


  • Diabetes: according to some studies, diabetics should drink this liquor in a moderate way. Whιskey reduces the risk of diabetes as much as 40%. This is because it regulates and controls the function of insulin and glucose in blood.

A Quick Guide on Whιskey Types 

Most whiskies are sold at or near an alcoholic strength of 40% abv – although the strength can vary, and cask-strength Whιskey may have as much as twice that alcohol percentage.

Single Malt Whιskey comes from a single distillery and a single grain. However, it is possible that it underwent maturing in multiple casks.

Blended Whιskey is called Blended Whisky because of the mixture of Grain Whιskey and multiple Single Malt Whiskies.

Scotch Whιskey must be made from malted barley or grain with the spirit aged in oak casks no bigger than 700 litres for no less than three years. Whιsky of one type or another is made all over the world, but to be called Scotch Whisky it must be made entirely in Scotland.

Irish Whιskey is any Whιskey made in Eire (Republic of Ireland) or in Northern Ireland. Unlike Scotch, any malted cereal grains can be used in any proportion. Like Scotch, it must be aged in wooden casks for a minimum of three years.

Bourbon is an American Whιskey made from malted grains that are at minimum 51% corn. The rules around what constitutes a bourbon are more relaxed than those for Scotch, but it must be made entirely within the United States to qualify.


Top 5 Best Selling Whιskey Brands in the World are:

1. Jack Daniel’s
2. Johnnie Walker
3. Chivas Regal
4. Suntory
5. Ballantine’s


The most expensive Whιskey sold at auction is $628,000 (£380,168), for the 6-litre Macallan M Decanter-Constantine and was sold at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, China, on 23 January 2014. The 6 litre (1.32 UK Gal; 1.59 US Gal) Macallan M decanter stands at 70 cm (28 inches) tall and weighing 11.3 kg empty and 16.8 kg once filled.


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