Human Aging

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How the aging works

Aging in human beings, just like any other living thing, begins after birth. It becomes more evident at the age of 30 years. This process is irreversible, nevertheless, the rate of aging differs widely across individuals and do no obviously match the number of years one has.

A great contribution to the changes that occur as one age is dependent on the genetic makeup, lifestyle, and health of the individual. It is good to note that these changes do not take place at the same time or in any sequence. In the recent years, scientists have embarked on research to study the physiologic changes in aging and their causes, with the aim of delaying these changes or reversing them.

It is a fact that men have a shorter lifespan than women. Because of the increased life span, more old age individuals continue to exist in the society. This factor has been attributed to better social and living standards, improved nutrition, and better health care. Research also shows that daily physical exercise aids in reducing rate of aging. Physical exercise provides oxygenation to the tissues. Aging is a natural process; it cannot be controlled.

As one ages, he or she experiences a general reduction in functioning throughout the body. This occurs both at the cellular and organ level. As a result, the body fails to adapt to change correctly. Pathologic changes are known to hasten aging. Some organs, such as the brain, cannot regenerate once aging sets in.

The theories about the explanation

Several theories have been put forward to try and explain the aging process. An interesting theory claims that aging is genetically programmed and as a result the cells’ reproductive capacity is limited. It adds that cells have a predetermined death for each cell. This death is caused by wear and tear, cellular damage from waste pilling up or from increased degenerative changes in collagen or environmental factors that affect cells. Other theories suggest that aging is a result of the body rejecting its tissues because of increased autoimmune reactions. It is a fact that several factors lead to the aging process, and that these factors are diverse across individuals.

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