Major causes of hypertension

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Leading causes of hypertension which are unknown to most individuals and how it can be avoided.

People believe that the primary cause of hypertension is hereditary and this is not entirely accurate. Hypertension, which is also known as high blood pressure, is a long term medical condition that often has no signs or symptoms, and occurs as a result of too much pressure in the blood vessels. High blood pressure can be classified into primary and secondary high blood pressure. The cause of primary hypertension is not easily found, unlike secondary hypertension, which is identifiable. Below are some of the principal causes of high blood pressure.

Vitamin D deficiency: People with vitamin D deficiency tend to have higher blood pressure than normal. Vitamin D inhibits the secretion and movement of a hormone that triggers a cascade of hormonal action that eventually increases blood pressure, by constricting blood vessels all through your body, and stimulating reabsorption of sodium and water, which expands blood volume, and furthermore raises blood pressure. One likely mechanism is that a vitamin D deficiency prompts developed renin secretion.

Race: Race is a factor, although it’s not too clear why. Research has shown that most blacks become hypertensive more frequently than whites and that it is usually at a youthful age.

Salt: A dangerous factor

The total amount of salt consumed on a daily basis in a diet is said to be responsible for elevating the level of pressure in blood. The increment in the total content of blood and fluid retention is experienced with an increase in salt intake. The veins and arteries conveying blood tend to get tightened and the pressure develops. Diminishing level of salt in food is proven to bring down blood pressure level. In any case, this cannot replace medicines and treatment techniques recommended by doctors.

Obesity and living an unhealthy lifestyle: Obesity influences some hormonal levels in our body, the most noticeably awful influenced is the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system which is in charge of controlling the blood volume of the body. However, the absence of physical exercise and wrong food decisions (i.e., low-fibre, high-fat eating regimen, which supports high cholesterol and consequent artery clogging) causes hypertension.

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Certain drugs: Some tablets which are regularly taken by ladies to avert pregnancy are known to prompt an elevation of blood pressure. Different medications which can lead to hypertension include anabolic steroids and corticosteroids.

Smoking and drinking: Smoking causes a quick spike in blood pressure as well as long-term harm to the blood vessels. Also, the link between alcohol and hypertension is dose-related. The more alcohol that is consumed; the stronger the connection with high blood pressure.

Change your life

Apart from hereditary and race which cannot be prevented when it comes to having high blood pressure, hypertension can be avoided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet, high intake of fruits and vegetables to deal with nutritional deficiencies, and less salt and fat will help abstain from having hypertension as well as enough exercise and reduction in the rate of daily smoking and drinking. If hypertension is not prevented, it will increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, hardening of the arteries, eye damage and stroke.

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