Mesothelioma: Awareness of Lung Cancer

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Mesothelioma disease is a rarest of all though in existence destroying several lives. This particular type of skin cancer generally takes place due to the regular or extreme exposure to asbestos minerals. Cancer that occurs within the organs of the human body, a lining of a metastatic layer on the lungs or the internal organs that slowly spreads throughout the body.

Cancer disease attacks the protective tissues or cells of the lungs or any internal organs. The common symptoms are the shortness of breath, chest pain, pneumonia or severe coughing. These are the symptoms may be similar to many other common diseases so sometimes it becomes difficult to detect this deadly disease.

How asbestos is responsible for cancer?

Chrysotile asbestos, naturally found mineral, fibril bundles that are from millimeters to centimeters mostly used mainly in industries. The physical appearance of chrysotile is similar to fingernails. White asbestos another name of chrysotile necessary in the manufacturing of gaskets and boiler seals for the insulated pipes and ducts.

Crocidolite which is known as blue asbestos mostly required for the insulation of pipes, spray of coatings and few in plastics.

Anthophyllite is also used in insulation but required in very less quantity. It is available in different colors it may be in white, grey and dull green, which is an important ingredient of constructions materials like cement, roofing and rubber.

Amphibole asbestos is the combination of the serpentine minerals and chrysotile with five other asbestos, which is necessary for the commercial uses. Specifically prolonged exposure to the asbestos minerals has affected the people to the chances of risks in carcinogenic attack to the human body.

Sources of asbestos

Sources of asbestos can enter the human body through air and water or food. Air is necessary for plants and human beings; the area with high density of the dead causing element asbestos makes life difficult to breathe safely.

Air: One of the common source to blame for such an effect on the human body. The harmful minerals of asbestos that flow through the dust and air, cause hazards. Since air can be a source of asbestos escaping from the disease can be difficult, as living being requires oxygen but the purity of this oxygen lessens by the chemicals and the minerals from the asbestos.

The production of different chemicals and products from the industrial areas passes through the air to the occupants and if regularly then, it can harm a large population or area inhaling the asbestos content air.

Food and water.

Survival is not possible without food and water. But what can anyone do? The food that we are eating or a glass of water can be poisonous because of the presence of the asbestos extracts or mineral contents.

How does asbestos affect water? Water cannot be avoided, so if somehow or other asbestos is present in water and regular intake can increase the chances of cancer. The water supply through the concrete pipelines or the water stored in the concrete made tanks can carry asbestos substances. Drinking waters for our homes passed by the pipelines and storages of high quantity water, in the water tanks.

In the case of food, asbestos on regular intake through food or drugs is also poisonous. Apart from it, the cosmetics that are in use by women the talc may have the chances of having asbestos minerals, tremolite but government has taken steps to remove the asbestos from cosmetic products as it is also in direct contact to the human skin.

Crayons colors for children with the asbestos content, tremolite was discovered in 2000 by the asbestos lab test though in trace amount but later they decided to stop using talc in their color crayons.

Talc with the asbestos content in it is in use for many human using purposes such as the cosmetic powders, crayons for children though less in amount but has the chances of striking the human health. Baby products also have the chances of having the asbestos contents.

Asbestos banned all around the world.

Asbestos has been a cause of destruction to the human nature that the health and welfare departments worldwide are bound to ban asbestos. However, the requirement of the asbestos fibers and minerals is almost on every commercial product but the harm that it is causing to the environment and the human health. Entire countries in the world except for few countries China, Russia, Brazil, India and United States use asbestos for commercial industries and productions.

  • In 1970, the authority of clean air act has declared asbestos to cause hazards and as an air pollutant and therefore has ordered the EPA to regulate the uses of asbestos fibers along with the disposal of the extracts or waste products of the asbestos to reduce the health risks. Spray also contains asbestos minerals and the act of clean air act of 1970, has completely banned the spray products.
  • Asbestos restricted by the toxic substances control act in 1976, on few conditions that the chemicals are safe in use.
  • In the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) along with the EPA has ordered to inspect the school buildings and remove the asbestos from the school buildings that can be a cause of hazardous to the children.
  • Finally, in the year 1980, the EPA has passed out the order to completely stop the use of asbestos due to the harmful effects of the products with the asbestos ingredients, entirely related the manufacturing of the products, banning the importing of the asbestos products along with the selling of the products, which contain asbestos.

However, the banning of asbestos did create difficulties in the industry’s leading to the obligations since asbestos is required in commercial productions banning may stop the productions and at the same time large working classes to turn jobless.

Requirement of Asbestos

Asbestos awareness training arranged with the accreditations for accredited firms, for the people who work or deal in the production of asbestos fibers. In order to work with the asbestos products, one should be a license holder issued by the Maintenance Licence Holders. The asbestos fibers used should pass the asbestos  laboratory test.

Mesothelioma dense population

America and its people have been found to be more affected by mesothelioma. An increase of the disease according to the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) records there is an increase of mesothelioma cases every year during 1989 to 2002, but an exception is seen in recent years a steady improvement is observed, according to the records after 2002 till today.

Mesothelioma disease if distinctively studied between ages and gender then, the older people above the age of 65 years are suffering from mesothelioma, mostly in men, while compared to women. People above 80 years of age, found to the highest record of suffering from a carcinogenic disease. In the records, the highest cases of this particular disease are from 1995 to 2014.

The high percentile of the mesothelioma affected countries are Alaska, new jersey, West Virginia and Washington. Places the intensity of the asbestos elements is high, which is affecting the population or the people of this area and so the law that allows for a compensation on the patients for suffering from this disease.

Mesothelioma affected people and law

 The prolonged exposure to the asbestos in the factories and industries, the labors and workers have developed this disease, which is almost incurable. The treatment of cancer is expensive and long-term, so it becomes difficult for the patient and their family members to continue with the treatment of the disease.

The law impact has been beneficial to the sufferers with the compensations that can help in the treatment of cancer and supporting the family members.

So, if anyone of your beloved is suffering from mesothelioma, then you can contact the lawsuits for the compensation. Though it should be filed within the scheduled duration.

Asbestos is banned but people who are working under the circumstances, knowing the deadly results. In spite of banning, it is necessary and used in the production, involving workers and so the law has been passed to compensate the cancer patient and their family. Care is taken that the decision is taken on an emergency basis, as it is already known that the patients have a very limited life length and the fast treatment requirement.


Mesothelioma and asbestosis are a most commonly occurring disease because of asbestos. Harmful and hazardous that are life-threatening, so the precautions are taken to the further extent to reduce the cases mesothelioma. This disease occurs and requires about 10 to 20 years to turn into mesothelioma, affecting the protective tissue of the body. Toxins of the asbestos from the industrial uses or it may be the polluted air and food, no matter the occurrence of mesothelioma cases has reduced due to the consciousness of the diseases among the people but those who were in exposure to asbestos for a long time have the chances to grow this disease in the coming years.

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