Planned or Intuitive meals?

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It is quoted that “Health is Wealth” so what’s better in following this quote; planned meals or intuitive meals? Everyone has their own opinions, even specialists. But a specialist’s opinion is more widely accepted as they have a vast experience in their field and can give a better opinion.

According to most of the specialists, meal planning is better than eating staple healthy foods. By meal planning we get our diet controlled and without doing anything, our figure is maintained. We get rid of problems caused due to Intuitive eating. People are always confused by these terms.

Meal planning is a way for taking food in a regular manner according to requirements of your body; these plans are organized by specialists. Intuitive eating is a way of eating all what you want, without understanding what these foods can make us loose and their bad impacts on our bodies.

Eat to nourish your body –“anonymous”

Our body digests what we give it. Our food should be healthy and free of unhygienic stuffs to assure better health. Here we have gathered the opinions of certain Nutritionists and Dieticians to let you decide whether to have meal planning or Intuitive eating.

Let’s have an overview of what those specialists told us. Most of the specialists we ask for planned meals or Intuitive meals informed us that to have a life full of happiness it is important to take meals according to our meal plans. Meal plans should be reviewed and prepared by a professional. We got positive feedbacks for meal planning.

These peoples often provide individuals with the best meal plan for their fitness. Nutritionists are the ones who have vast amounts of knowledge regarding nutrition’s and their impacts on human health, they also work with ill patients to sustain their health and to help people for their meal planning.

Your Health is an Investment not an expense

Our health is probably most important than everything present in this world so let’s decide whether to have Planned meals or Intuitive meals. To decide so here are some facts that will help you to adopt what you should be up to meal planning or intuitive eating.

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Facts about meal planning & intuitive eating

Meal planning, also known as scheduled eating mostly has pros but also some cons regarding people’s opinion. Here are all pros and cons for meal planning:


Meal planning help’s you maintain your weight and have energy.

By following a meal plan you will get specific number of calories that are easily burned by your body and as a result you get your food that is easily digestible.

After that instead of having to store those calories as fat they are burned up and make you fit. You will have your week shopping done in just a single day and will not have to worry for what you should eat as its decided.


Cons for meal planning according to people thought is that you are bounded to a specific quantity of food and cannot eat what you are willing to eat.

Needs a weekly plan and an effort to plan your whole list preparation.

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Intuitive eating just makes your body’s fitness worse, as people say more eating makes you sick, the only pro for is you will get your stomach filled and can eat what you want but there’s a huge list of cons that explain what you’ll get by doing this. Intuitive eating makes you fat and it is more likely that you will get ill and will feel sick and even your health will be burdened all the time and it will be difficult for you to perform your routine tasks.


You don’t have to eat less but eat right

A way for meal planning is just to make a list for calories you need in everyday life and then decide foods that fulfil your quantity of calories for everyday meals, it’s a home way for meal planning but there are also some other, better ways than this; so now you must decide how to have scheduled eating plans. It is said that health outside starts from inside.

To schedule eating plans you can ask a doctor or Dieticians and Nutritionists as they can help you in better Meal planning. Best way of having an excellent meal plan is to ask a specialist.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get a meal plan to avail its benefits!


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