Work-Life Balance

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For a lot of people out there, striking a balance between their work and personal life is a great challenge. Although, work is truly essential for earning income and pay bills but work isn’t the whole word and it should not be treated like it’s everything because an absence of work-life balance may lead to unhealthy levels of stress and low productivity. The most important key to achieving a work-life balance is by putting into consideration things that exhaust your time, decide on what to keep and also, those to let go of and that is exactly what this piece intends to deal with.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

You can’t do a good job if all your Job is all you do

Ways by which a Work-Life Balance can be Achieved

  • Communication

Inform your employer and colleagues and get their full support if you will be absent from your workplace for some certain hours of the day or weekend due to battling with family issues.

  • Implement a daily routine

Implement a strong daily routine that will always keep you on track and enable you achieve the balance you aim, such as sleeping for a number of hours of the day, not checking your email for some certain time, getting to eat at a particular time of the day, e.t.c. Doing this will make you healthier, more productive and ultimately, happier.

  • Devote time for yourself

You should still prioritize the activities or hobbies (e.g; reading, traveling, playing games) that made you happy before getting your present job. Setting aside at least, three hours a week to achieving this is key and will help you achieve a work-life balance.


  • Presence and accountability

Your presence at home and at work are both very important because things you spend your time and energy on are directly connected to how successful you are in achieving a work-life balance. Spending time with family, friends or other people who bring joy into our lives is as important as working itself which might not seem all explicit initially but you’d be surprised that the memories we create during the time spent with our loved ones aid our ideology and ways of reasoning.

  • Exploitation of technology

With the presence of technology, your life shouldn’t get controlled but become easier. Although at certain times, you should ban technology to enable you focus on your friends and family.

O De

  • Say No

Respectfully decline the extra tasks or committee at work such that you get more time to focus on your designated activities which truly brings you joy.

Focusing is about saying no

-Steve jobs-

  • Do not multi-task

Avoid doing too many things simultaneously, such that you give full attention to only the tasks and activities you choose to do and also, you execute them with the focus they deserve. This is another strategy of achieving a work-life balance.



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