Debunking Philosophy

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West’s Philosophy

The West holds rationalist philosophy in high esteem. In fact, modern western civilization is just as much a Greco Roman society as it is a Christian one. All the while science is overshadowing religion more and more with every passing year. And science comes directly from the Greek Philosophical tradition of deductive reasoning.

Philosophers only worship the truth and the truth only. Significantly, truth can only arrive at reason, and reason means thought.

In the Western society, philosophy is not just respected. It is noble. And practicing it ennobles. Greek and Roman mythology is also very alive in the West, and while Gods are not worshiped outwardly in temples, they are worshiped in Western hearts.

In fact, great Christian religious works such as Dante’s Inferno are replete with the appearance of the Greek gods.

But all this is not surprising: the foundation of modern Western culture is Rome, not ancient Israel, and while Christianity became the official state religion. History shows that a newly adopted religion always mingles alongside the old one.

Rational and Irrational Thought. Credit aetc.af.mil


And this applies to philosophers, some of whom even had a hand in writing parts of the New Testament.

But Greek philosophy is unique in the world because it begins with the supposition that man is rational and that good and virtue can be obtained through correct reasoning.

In other words, rational thinking will always result in a truthful deduction.

The problem though is that, in fact, man is not intelligent and never has been, making it nearly impossible for him to reason. By certain methods, a person can arrive at certain predictable observations that lead to the useful tool of science. But humans can never arrive at absolute truths about man’s subjective nature. And this is where we are going wrong.

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