Feeding The Mind Properly, The Recipe To Positive Thinking

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An interesting technology has been invented for mankind; the creation of robots! It’s a common knowledge that these robots exhibit super speed and intelligence. However, they have no life, they may have a brain however, they lack one basic thing; mind. This explains their limitations.

For the sake of our topic, I would define the mind as the non-material substance or set of processes in which consciousness, feeling, thinking and will are based.

Now, the mind is an embodiment of our spirit, soul and brain. There is absolutely no limit to what our minds are capable of containing and achieving!

The mind is the foundation upon which our principles, morals, beliefs, values, interests and decisions are based. It is the core where in imagination, ideas, visions, fantasies and imagination lies. We are who and where we are today as a result of the products of the functions of our mind. So we can safely conclude that the quality of our minds determine how far or how much we achieve in life.

The good news is, we not only have access to our minds but we have the power to control it. We are the masters of our minds. We play the chief role in effecting what goes in and out of our minds and we don’t have to be psychologist or psychics to do that. Great men from different times understood the power of the mind and made a difference.

Since we’ve also grasped this concept, the next thing is to use this to our advantage.The reality of our world and universe is summed up in the law of karma; what we give is what we get. Everything exist based on this law. Similar to the mind, what we give to it, is what we get from it.

Comparing Mind and Body

Let’s compare our minds to our bodies, which need food for energy and to function properly. In the case of the mind, words are it’s basic food. Words we hear (from people, music), words we see or read (in books, pictures), words we imagine in stories and life experiences.

Our minds are continually receiving and absorbing words consciously and/or subconsciously

How then can we know the contents of our minds?

The answer is – through our thoughts and feelings. When we constantly absorb negative words, our thoughts become polluted then we emit negative vibe around us and vice versa. To remain positive therefore entails that we consciously feeding our minds appropriately. Every now and then we are faced with thought-provoking situations. Some barge into our minds, others subtly make their way in.


Channels through which we feed our minds everyday include: family, friends, environment, music, books, movies etc

Our family and friends affect our thoughts perspective hugely and that is why we are often advised to surround ourselves with people who increase our self worth.

Most sadists, depressed or pessimistic individuals have something in common as all cases have often been traced down to abusive homes and/or bad peer groups. I guess this is where the adage “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” stems.

The Crucial Impact of Choosing the Righ Mind Channels  

The influence of books and music can also not be overstated. These channels have the ability to persuade the human mind through the harmonization of carefully selected words. As much as there are lots of materials on these that stifles positive thinking, there are also enormous quantity of quality materials that gears towards positive thinking.

Fortunately, as in the other case, we get to make our choices here as well. For example, Eric, a former course mate and friend of mine, suddenly started acting cynical and self-conscious a certain time. He would wipe off every surfaces he made contact with, saying, he can’t afford to leave his finger prints anywhere. I later found out he was reading his third Hadley Chase novel that week!And so many other similar cases that reflect the things we indulge our minds in.

Therefore, to achieve positivity, we must steer clear (totally) or at the least, minimize situations that poison the mind with negativity, whilst, veering towards people or situations that encourage positive thinking.

Finally, a good and balanced diet, as we know, is necessary to keep the body healthy. And as much as we try to live up to this, we sometimes have little control over the germs that infect us and deteriorates our health. In the same vein, we may not have total control over negative people or situations. However, we can choose to dwell on them or shrug them off and focus on the positive. A combination of these and other healthy lifestyle choices like, good food, exercise and meditation will ultimately produce positivity.


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Giannis Sore

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