Liberty and Neuroscience/ Is freedom a part of our mind?

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Liberty is a word that it is processed into a feeling that transforms into a direct challenge. When we think of liberty, we always think of something that goes beyond our senses and capacities. For most of us, the term liberty is a utopia dream created by ideas. Most of us truthfully defend the idea that in our society there should be liberty should never be present.

What is forgotten is that the idea of being free came along with humanity long before modern society. It was also the liberty of the economic sector that created capitalism, and it is still developing our world with the most significant speed ever.


According to Macmillian Dictionary “the noun liberty has its roots in the Latin ‘libertas’. This can refer to political or civil freedom in the sense of being a free person, as defined by ‘the absence of control” or restraint.’ It can also be used to describe ‘the condition of being allowed to do something, having permission.”


The Old French word ‘liberty’ was used in order to denote ‘free will, freedom,’ which is also the meaning carried in the Modern French ‘liberté.’ By the late 14th century, the word had the sense of ‘freedom to do as one chooses. Therefore when we think of Liberty, we should not think of a land that has not yet been found on the surface of the earth but of our self. Only there we can create the first brick of a place we are already informed that it belongs to us if we are not allowing our self to take responsibility upon our cognitive system.


In the modern world, we know a lot about the way our brain functions, but we never question what it is. As a society, we also have created a quite large border between our feelings and liberty. As a result, we often forget that we have the power to control the way we feel and straightforwardly the way we act. The sum of this action creates our medium. The importance of this entire process called life is balanced between the borders we have created. To be genuinely free means taking responsibility for how you feel in every moment because how you feel determines the quality of your thoughts and decision making. Liberty provides us with the clarity we try to infuse through politics, laws and obedience.


When we think of Liberty, we also think of the individual first as the core of our society and thought the technology of neuroscience we can go even more in-depth on the matter.


Neuroscience shows that when humans feel fear-based emotions like anger, frustration, irritation, or any unpleasant emotion, we lose access to the frontal lobe of our brain. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that facilitates clear thought, coherent speech, and rational decision making. The frontal lobe is also the seat of our personality. It is incredible to see how our own body and mind have the ability to refrain us from oppression and guide us towards liberty. Our personality is guiding us to take control of our right, liberty.

However, why we do not do it; hence, the mechanism is so precise?

Zombies are quite a trend in today’s cinematography but what does it have to do with liberty?

In a society where people are injected with daily doses of fear and insecurity, the brain processes start to degenerate. Most of us turn into zombies seeking protection on an apocalypse created by man for man.


We are always told that fear protects us, that the presence of fear makes us not to humiliate ourselves in a particular situation. It is the fear of fear that created authoritarian regimes and also is fear the reason why security companies are so successful in today’s markets.

Also, there is fear that lowers our courage, limits our visions and destroys our dream.

This entire mechanism we have created through the centuries of human evolution called society has only been based on fear. It also continues to do it regularly even today when as a society we think that most of the western civilization live under freedom.


We are experiencing what neuroscientist Dr Alan Watkins calls a DIY lobotomy. We are poorly equipped to take responsible, inspired action, articulate our ideas and thoughts, or make intelligent decisions. Given the deliberate perpetuation of fear in mainstream media and society, it is no wonder that so many people seem like zombies; a perpetual state of fear is a perpetual state of restricted cognitive function.

In the field of philosophy, they often say that the essential part of it is the question.

Moreover, know what do we do?


Take responsibility for your journey by deciding in which emotional state you want and need to be.

Courage has never been the absence of fear, but it is defeat.

The way we choose shapes the world around us and every choice matters when it has done without infusing fear in one’ mind and “paralyzing” its frontal lobe.

The next time you turn on the TV or scroll down, the social media remember to choose liberty and love over fear.

History has demonstrated that the greatest criminals of all time have been raised and fueled with fear. Together with that remember that the nature of humanity is compassion and not the blindness created by fear.

Remember you always have the power to choose what you think and feel….. choose wisely.



Bjorna Hoxhallari

Bjorna Hoxhallari

Bjorna Hoxhallari, known with her artistic name as Jorih, is an Albanian writer, poet, intellectual, political activist, objectivist and libertarian. She has a passion for bringing words to life with the right mix of expert commentary, science, and style, She strives to tell the human story behind today’s political and artistic frames.
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