Philosophy – Do you know?

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Philosophy is the understanding of fundamental beliefs and general values without the use of observational means. At various points in time, philosophers put their theories on the pile of existing models. This leads to the easy availability of information at a single place. For those who want to be a philosopher and want to explore the world with a vividly detailed overview, it is recommended to read philosophies of real philosophers.

At various points in time, philosophers emerge and share their thoughts. In this article, we have entitled some of the top new lists of philosophers of present times.

Judith Butler

Judith Butler is a famous contemporary philosopher. She completed her Ph.D. in Yale University, in 1984. Presently, she holds the title of Maxine Elliot Professor in Comparative Literature at the University of California.

Her work is mostly dedicated to the niche of Gender Inequality, Political Philosophy, LGBTQ Rights, Feminist Theory and Literary Theory. She is still eulogized for her 1990s work ‘Gender Trouble: Feminism and Subversion of Identity.’  The book is still renowned and praised worldwide.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is a professor of MIT. He is known as the ‘Father of modern linguistics.’ Noam Chomsky is well renowned for his political views which are anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and focused on an anti-war road map.

Chomsky’s areas of interest include cognitive science, history, logic, political activism and social criticism. His views are widely read worldwide. Due to his open political views, he had been targeted numerous times by different politicians. He was sent to jail multiple times, and due to this, he was on President Richard Nixon’s enemies list.

Allan Gibbard

Allan Gibbard took his Ph.D. from the Harvard University in 1971. His work is primarily focused on meta-ethics and normativity. Gibbard is highly influential in arguing for a contemporary form of non-cognitivism.

Allan Gibbard is widely recognized for his contribution to ethical theory. Some of his books include Apt-feelings: A Theory of Normative Judgment and Wise Choices. This book relates to the aptness of modern theory and is still recognized globally.

Simon Blackburn

Simon Blackburn is a British philosopher who got his Ph.D. from Churchill College in 1970. He is a member of New College of Humanities and has been a president of the Aristotelian Society.

His theories are primarily focused on meta-ethics. Most of his arguments demanded a quasi-realist approach stating that ethical sentences are projected for the real world emotional attitudes. He has also been an editor of the famous journal ‘Mind.’

Tyler Burge

Tyler Burge is a professor of philosophy at UCLA. He got his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1971. His interest areas include epistemology, logic, Anti-individualism and the history of Philosophy.

Tyler argued on the conception of mind where one’s thought are not entirely the overview of an individual, but also depend upon the environment. His theory has been controversial in the media as his critics are undermined by one’s claims about thought contents.

Books of: Judith ButlerChomskyAllan GibbardTyler BurgeSimon BlackBurn

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