Philosophy of loving-kindness

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The Real Religion

Loving-kindness is a theme largely connected with Buddhist philosophy. However this philosophy is valid to every religion and culture of this world. When Dalai Lama states ‘my religion is kindness’, the Buddhist Master from the Tibet conveys a profound point. This world needs religions, but they should not impose boundaries on the people.

A truly religious person has no religion at all. He has deep respect towards the whole mankind.


Despite the differences of creed, religion, race and culture, humans have one feature in common. They long to be longed. They love to be loved. Some humans may practice violence upon other humans. But those very same humans may not like violence imposed on themselves. Everyone reaches out for love and shies away from the violence.

How to Truely Improve Ourselves

How can you practice loving-kindness with your fellow humans? You can do it in various ways. When a certain section of the world’s population suffers from common maladies such as hunger and distress, another section is bathed in luxuries. That is the nature of the world. Sadly, those bathed in luxuries are not in a position to help out the needy fellow humans. The suffering humans are all over the world.

How can you help out a needy human living in a faraway country? If you could spread thoughts of loving-kindness in that direction, that counts in as an effective method. It may not help the sufferer. But it may make you feel better. It gives you more benefits health and otherwise.

In ‘Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness’, Sharon Salzberg identifies happiness in a subtle way.

“For all of us, love can be the natural state of our own being; naturally at peace, naturally connected, because this becomes the reflection of who we simply are.”

Sometimes it is not that easy to entertain the thoughts of loving kindness, especially when the world is in full of turmoil and anger. When you get to hear negative criticism quite often, the loving-kindness will shy away. That is why you need to cultivate this emotion.

When you cultivate loving-kindness thoughts when you are in a peaceful environment, you have already prepared your mental sphere. Your mind, or the heart, is ready take in the positive feelings about the world. When your heart is affluent with positive emotions, the negative feelings emanating from others cannot affect you easily. Then you can easily deal with the negative criticism in a positive way.

Practice it, continuously

When you practice loving-kindness, you will naturally be loved by others. That is the natural benefit you will be entitled to as you cultivate this benevolent custom.

Loving-kindness knows no religion. It is simply a matter of entertaining positive thoughts on your friends, loved ones as well as enemies. Begin it in a peaceful, comfortable, place and slowly radiate feelings of goodwill to everyone in this universe. Thus practised, this custom would elevate you to happy planes gradually. You will be simply amazed by the results if you only care to practise this genuinely.



Loving-kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness




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