What You Should Know about Aristotle

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Aristotle is a well known Greek Philosopher, during the Ancient time, through the Middle Ages and of course to the Modern Ages. He contributed immensely to many subjects most especially in the areas of science and logic. 

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The following are some interesting facts about this great personality

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Aristotle is arguably regarded by many as the most intelligent man to have ever stepped the surface of the earth.


Aristotle was the first philosopher to systematically treat the fields of botany, anatomy, astronomy, embryology, and zoology.

Armand Leroi’s reconstruction of Aristotle’s lost diagram of a cuttlefish. Credits bostonglobe

He strongly believed that nature does nothing uselessly.


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Aristotle being a great classifier and codifier was known for his effort to develop taxonomic scheme in zoology.


He also claimed that everything comprised of five elements namely; air, water, earth, fire, and ether.

The five elements – LifeisPixels

Aristotle during his lifetime offered a comprehensive account of demonstrative reasoning that is needed to substantiate theoretical knowledge.

He also had another logical works on the nature of truth, where he made use of predicates coupled with subjects to form propositions, both of which are either true or false.

He developed a coherent theory of generation by saying that the mammalian egg was developed in the uterus due to the activation of menstrual blood by male semen.

He is also well-known for his so called four causes which describe the nature of change.

It is worthy of note that, Aristotle rejected the idea of his mentor, Plato’s “Theory of the forms” which stated that physical things were representations of idealized perfect forms.


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