A car for people with special needs: The Avai Car

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History of Car

A car is a motor vehicle with room and often seats for a couple of people. It has four wheels. The car is usually powered by an engine that runs on some sort of fuel, be it gasoline, electricity or hydrogen.

The car idea was first actualized in 1803 by Francois Isaac de Rivaz when he designed an internal combustion engine which used hydrogen as its fuel. Several evolutions then occurred till the democratization of the car by Henry Ford when he mass produced his T model car in 1908. And subsequently, cars began to become commonplace.

Interestingly, cars and their designs have come a long since then. Cars were designed for the vast majority of people, the ordinary person, without special needs. Though over the years the occasional car has had adjustments made to accommodate a person with special needs.


First car! In 1806 , Swiss inventor Francois Isaac De Rivaz invented the first car in the world with an engine made by hydrogen and oxygen , but this car failed and the same story happened with Samuel Brown and the American inventor Samuel Murray. After 24 years , Etienne Noire produced an engine and succeed but when he put it in a car , it was going slower than human , and it was constantly disrupted. repokar.com. Source

A perfect car for people with special needs

It is then quite refreshing to find a car that was designed from the drawing board with a mandate to serve people with special needs. The Avai car is a new prototype crafted for people with special needs. It is especially designed entirely with people with special needs in mind. Specifically, to address the needs of people who are wheelchair bound.

The Avai car is powered by an economic internal combustion engine, with an automatic transmission gearing system. It incorporates a special automated ramp for lifting a wheel chair from outside the car and into the car, securing it opposite the steering wheel. The ramp is operated by hydraulics.

This car boasts several safety measures one of which includes an embedded specialized electronic technology which controls a fire alarm and control system. It also comes with a remote-control app for phones. This controls the wheel chair ramp, ignition, air conditioning, and the anti-theft alarm system. The Avai car also comes with an onboard global positioning system

The wheel chair comes specially designed for the car and incorporates an elaborate safety belt configuration to ensure the driver’s safety in the car.

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