Explaining the concept of Visualizing Google data

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The Google News team works with the best designers around the world to tell stories with Google data. 

In this article you will found out how Visualizing Google data is trending on Google right now and you will navigate to all the features of google data which are functional to support business ideas.

  • Data Connectivity

The transfer of various connections to database computing areas, e.g., the Google Big Query,  the Google Cloud SQL, and MySQL. Moreso the connectivity of data from Google Sheets, DoubleClick Google Analytics and Analytics 360, and YouTube channels AdWords.

  • Transformation of data

When aspects designed, calculations and metrics to clean and change the data with no need for any updates.There is the role that allows the functional  mathematics,  date, string and other functions to turn your data into essential metrics and values

  • Visualization of data

Visualizations are capable of contributing much to one’s  life. These include time series, pie charts, bar charts tables,  geo maps, scorecards and bullet charts. The display has enabled to build in the functions which, in turn, makes it easy to transform them.

  • Customization of the report

By customizing all aspect of your dashboards and report to make them be yours. Also, the icons and logos, the background can be changed, and text colors, fill and choose from any of the fonts, and object properties to make your data come to life. Insert useful control to enable those who view to explore and interact with raw data for life.

A mobile performance dashboard using Google Data Studio. Credits benlcollins

  • Collaboration and sharing

The used technology that serves the products like Sheets, Slides or slides this means you have access to decide who gets your reports. Give group the right to view or edit with just a few clicks. Real-time collaboration allows multiple teammates to publish a statement that particular moment.

  • Templating the reports

Templates report enables to choose from; you can be up and run in minutes. Just connect your data sources and customize the design and style to match your needs.

  • User Administration

You decide who gets access to Data Studio. Leveraging Google Drive technology, you can efficiently manage all of your users and their level of access — grant individuals or groups the right to create, edit, or view.

Google Sheets in visualizing the information instantly with machine learning

Explore in Sheets, helps teams gain insights from data, instantly. Just ask questions in words, not formulas to quickly analyze your data. For example, you can ask “what is the distribution of goods sold?” or “what are average sales of goods in a given day?” and finally you will get the feedback.

A.I. Experiments: Visualizing High-Dimensional Space using machine learning.

By using the essential technology in seeking the visualizing info. If you don’t see the chart you need, just ask. Instead of manually building tables, Explore to do it by typing in “histogram of 2017 customer ratings” or “bar chart for ice cream sales.” Less time spent building charts means more time is acting on new insights. When you are in preparation for an occasion ensure to the correct date for data for the well running of a businesss, this can be time wasting in case you need to update tables or charts in multiple sources, where this may be made more accessible to code them docs, maps, and Slides.

It is made simple to keep the records updates. It can be copy and pasting of data from docs and Sheets.Even more, Sheets update are continually looking for ways to increase their customers experience in Sheets and tables.

The following are updates which the teams worldwide may require to get work done faster and efficiently.


  • Shortcuts while using the keyboard: transform all the alternatives in the browserto the same table shortcuts you have used experience in it.
  • Printing experience upgrades:Preview the data Sheet in each day and print it. Adjust all the margins and chose the new scale while aligning the rows and columns before the work published.
  • Editing experience for new powerful chart:Create and write tables in a new, improve bar. Pick from the colors in maps and add the trendlines to data collected. You may create more graphs or charts types, where you can decide to 3D tables which can be more essential.
  • Spreadsheet functions:by adding new features to help you find the insights, this brings the precise function count in Sheets or a role that seems to be unique to Sheets or in a table format, this can give you the top orders or the best performing months or days in a sale of goods record spreadsheet or in graphs. Sheets also shows support  to statistical reports

These new features in Sheets are rolling out starting today. Learn how Sheets can help you find valuable insights


Feature Image: Google WebGL Globe. Visualizing Geographic Data on a 3D Globe – information aesthetics


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