A Philosophical Discussion about Anarchism

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Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates self-governed societies which are primarily based on voluntary establishments.

Also, anarchism is a definite intellectual present of social perception, whose adherents imply the abolition of economic monopolies and of all political and social coercive institutions within society.

It is frequently defined as a stateless society, although numerous authors have described them more specifically as institutions primarily based on non-hierarchical and free associations.

  • In place of the capitalist economic order, Anarchists crave for a free association of all competent forces based upon cooperative exertions, which would have for its sole purpose the satisfaction of the important necessities of every individual in the society.
  • The anarchists desire a federation of free communities which can be certain to each other with their economic and social interest and arrange their affairs through mutual agreement and free contract.

Our modern social system has internally split the social organism of every country into a hostile curriculum, and externally, it has broken up the common cultural circle into hostile nations.

Both classes and nations confront one another with open antagonism, and with the useful resource in their ceaseless warfare tends to keep the communal social lifestyles in a continual convulsion.

Anarchism is strongly related with the industrial revolution and the idea that: Liberty is not a superstition, or a god of which to make images, but a practical theory or plan of action. The first step necessary in establishing liberty will be, clearly, the abolition of government, and this will mean the organisation of industry by the workers themselves, not by any outside power. 

Ideology or Methodology

This system has merely been the pacemaker for the excellent intellectual and social responsibility which finds its expression today in the current Fascism and the idea of the totalitarian state.

But one of the issues that remains unresolved within the anarchist movement revolves around the nature of anarchists themselves.

By now we should realize the difference between social anarchism and lifestyle anarchism as the most public schism amongst anarchists.

In today’s Anarchism, we have where a confluence of two great currents which before and since the French Revolution have found such characteristic expression in the intellectual life of Europe’s Socialism and Liberalism.

Modern Socialism developed when profound observers of social subsistence got to see more and more deeply that political constitutions and modifications in the nature of the government could in no way get to the basis of the great problems that could call a social question.

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Ideology and Human Nature

Few among the things ideologues of all stripes share is the bad view of human nature, they see us all as basically awful, and in need of improvement.

  • They hold themselves exempt from these principles of the awful human nature that is; they are alright when the rest of the world is screwed.
  • However, this view is incompatible with anarchism and absolutely appropriate to authoritarian ideologies.
  • The authoritarians view peoples as very bad, and in need of education, supervision, and specifically, control, which they are all willing to offer.
  • While the anarchists, conversely, holds that people are basically correct and do not need guidance, coercion, and control.

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That being considered, we remain steadfast to the fact that the only evils in society come regarding when someone seeks to overpower and coerce others, and that the mechanisms of power, privilege, and control may turn even the saintliest stalwart into a conniving manipulator.

In this case, democracy with its motto of equality of all citizens before the law and liberalism with its right of man over his very own person, have both been wrecked at the realities of the capitalist economic system.The fact remains, as long as hundreds and thousands of people in every country ought to sell their labor to a small minority of owners and sink into the most wretched misery if they are not able to find customers.

The so-called equality before the law remains, in reality, a pious fraud. Since the law is constituted by those who get themselves in possession of the social wealth.

Although in the same way there can be no talk of a proper over one’s own person, for that right, ends when someone is pressured to submit to the economic dictation of others if you do not want to starve.

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The Truth Is, There Is No Truth

There is nothing more ideological than pretensions towards ultimate Truth, which is something anarchists should have part of it.

  • In this view, conversely, the only precision worth maintaining is that there is no truth, due to the fact that there is no external truth out there available for us to perceive there is mere which makes sense to us and that which does not.
  • In this case, the reality is objective, whereas the truth is copious subjective. For example, if you put out a rock and let it go, it will drop, that’s because gravity is an objective pressure it’s an aspect of what is fact.
  • This makes the subjectivity of truth the hardest thing governments are very uncomfortable with, as it is a revolutionary perception.
  • If truth is subjective, then the framework of our society collapses, the law, religion, and the State, all implode if you keep in mind that what some people may claim to be the Truth is, in fact, is just an opinion backed by an anxiety.
  • You will see that where supremacy is involved, the first thing that is taken into consideration about Truth ends up instead, in reality, mythmaking, lies, and superstition is considered first.
  • Anarchism is no patent answer for all human troubles, no Utopia for a remarkable social order, as it has so often been known for the reason that, with its principles, it rejects all absolute schemes and ideas.

It is from this understanding that current Anarchism came into the existence and draws its moral pressure.And it is only freedom can inspire peoples to great things and bring about intellectual and social variations.

The ability to rule people has never been the art of educating and inspiring people to a new shaping in their lives.


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