Why the rise of digital nomads will continue (and why you should join them)

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Why the rise of digital nomads will continue (and why you should join them)

You can say whatever you want about millennials, but these young folks are soon to become the most experience, adaptable and intelligent digital entrepreneurs to grace the earth. Yes, the online world is still relatively young, so this may not sound like an incredibly potent statement, but when you consider the current market, any improvement on what we are now experiencing should be recognized as a spectacular feat.

With the above in mind, the emergence of digital nomads and the continued rise of young people working online is little more than expected. At the same time, it’s impossible not to notice the throngs of miserable faces in cubicles and offices all over the world who see no way out of the “9 to 5” and no viable option to achieve a lifestyle of their own design.

Let us first look at the reason behind this increasing number of digital nomads around the world, before we consider how this lifestyle is achieved and whether this might be the one for you.

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The continued rise and reason for digital nomads

While some parts of society view digital nomads as a passing trend, it should be realized that working online is not an industry as such, but rather a will to create and grow outside of conventional civilization. Yes, there are many travel bloggers and travel related influencers out there promoting the rewards of their new found lifestyle but in truth, where you wish to travel or not is far from the point.

In a time when mental health is widely accepted as a topic of discussion, we are learning how more and more people are fed up with their current circumstance. Sometimes this lack of satisfaction derives from personal relationships or lack of confidence but to be very specific, this is most often down to the lack of purpose a person might have when it comes to their job.

After all, we spend half of every day at work, and as any doctor will advise, your circumstances at work inevitably feed directly into every other aspect of your life.


Escaping “9 to 5” for a new way of life

However, how does one escape this vicious cycle and avoid the work-related circumstances which might be holding them back? As most digital nomads will tell you, they should make a start and consider the possibilities at hand. Now, starting an online business may not be for everyone, but considering the free resources available and the relative ease at which this can be done, the prospect of creating an online income should be considered at the very least.

In fact, statisticians forecast that there will be more than one billion digital nomads by the year 2035 and this is merely one statistic which suggests the concept of being a digital nomad is far from a trend. More to the point and as mentioned above, being a digital nomad is not about travel so regardless of whether a person wishes to enter this supposed “trend,” they absolutely do not need to leave home or venture off to the other side of the world in search of inspiration.

No, being a digital nomad is not an industry, remember, it is a way of life.



How to get started as a digital nomad

As so many young and enthusiastic readers want to know – “What is the secret to becoming a digital nomad?”

For clarity, there is an overwhelming amount of information online regarding digital nomad related advice. Often, this will inform readers the most financially rewarding niche to enter and on other occasions, you might find a very specific article which outlines the easiest or fastest way to get started.

From website design and content marketing to logo creation and video editing, there are endless skills to be learned which can realistically translate to a career as a freelance digital nomad.

Regardless, the important thing to remember about getting started as a digital nomad is that it takes time and lots of hard work. In fact, the reason why most people fail to succeed as a digital nomad is for the simple reason that they fail to persist. Patience is a virtue, and in the long run, it is persistence and dedication to the task at hand over time which results in success for every digital nomad.

Rather than stating how there is no secret, let us resonate with the possibility that this is the “secret” and that persistence is the most important ingredient when it comes to becoming a digital nomad.

Most Popular Digital Nomad Jobs

  • Software Developer / Engineer
  • Freelance Writing
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Designer
  • Translator
  • Video Editing
  • Online Trading
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online Accountant
  • Blogging



Why you might want to consider the life of a digital nomad

Millennials seem to be coming in for a lot of criticism in recent times.

Parents call them lazy, teachers say they lack interest, articles warn of the dangers that lie ahead, and fewer people seem to be talking about the great potential at their fingertips.

They know technology like the back of their hand, they are masters of social media, they understand a need to think outside the box, and they are the very first generation to grow up in a fully functional digital environment. When you combine all of this, it is easy to see why the online world is set to grow at an incredible rate and the rise of digital nomads is set to continue.

Moral of the story: we use millennials as an example, but if there was ever a time to get started as a digital nomad, it was probably several years ago but otherwise, the time is now.

When you opt to leave conventional life for that of a digital nomad, the decision behind such a move is never about money. Similarly, this is rarely to follow a dream to see every corner of the planet. Both of the above are ethical reasons of course. However, it must be understood that digital nomads are out there because this way of life often allows them to escape the confines of a workplace, the limitations of a particular role or the opportunity to create a meaningful lifestyle which feels far more rewarding from the depressing nature of their previous circumstances.


The Word is my office!

Sounds good to you?


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