The Culture of Cannabis

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Cannabis as a social Behavior

Cannabis culture is now a mainstream type of social behavior that is unique among medical marijuana users, recreational users, cannabis growers, communities, and even countries.It has been used for centuries and is considered one of the most popular psychoactive drugs since the 20th century.

During this course of time, it has a created a massive following in the form of a culture and evolved its own language, humor, art, literature, magazines and movies.

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It started as spice

With the popularity of cannabis and it being traded as a spice in the early 19th century, it quickly spread around the world by tradesmen and merchants to each corner. Even though world laws, regulations and even a worldwide “War on Drugs”, not much seems to get in the way of the growing public supporting this culture. Since countries like Israel, Netherlands, USA, Spain, Portugal and Canada have been broadly regulating both recreational and medical cannabis laws, cannabis culture is developing faster than most other traditional industries.

This is due to its many uses and widely used medical benefits. A fair amount of countries are now allowing medical marijuana research and also promoting medical patients with certain conditions and ailments to use cannabis as an alternative solution to over the counter prescriptions.


Tries for legalization

World laws on possession of small amounts of recreational cannabis. Credits to Wikipedia.

  Legal or essentially legal
  Illegal but decriminalized
  Illegal but often unenforced

Since Woodstock in 1969, peace loving, freedom fighting, hippie movements, cannabis has been used as a type of sacrament between smokers and seen as a sign of peace amongst many cannabis cultures. Cheech and Chong were a series of cult classic films produced in the 1970’s and early 80s and literally stigmatized and labelled cannabis smokers as long-haired, wired and weird types of people, permanently “goofed”. Since those years, cannabis culture have been absorbed into most societies. With legalization efforts taking the world by storm, cannabis is far more normalized and accepted amongst people. 
Below you can watch a video by Take Five Nation channel for the most influencial Marijuana users in the word.


Roots in culture

Cannabis culture has been readily adopted by the modern vaporizing hipster community. But its roots in cultures, religions and communities goes far back.

Probably the first organized cannabis culture was in Paris by a group of intellectuals known as the Club des Hashischins (Club of the Hashish Eaters), and was a group of notable intellectuals who explored the use of cannabis in the form of teas, tinctures and smoking marijuana. This club was active during the mid- 1800’s and some elite nobles used to frequent their monthly meetings.

Vancouver Global Marijuana March – by Danny Kresnyak

Why these colors?

The colors red, yellow and green are also very popular among people around theworld. These colors are used by many countries on their flags with a connection to the religion and culture of Rastafari.

Bob Marley could be seen as the singer that really put reggae on the map and promoting a new music genre, reggae, and the religion of Rastafari from the early 1970’s. Rastafari is now the fastest-growing religion worldwide and has huge population bases in Africa and the Caribbean islands.

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Marijuana and especially medical marijuana is being used by millions of people, from high-level business owners, lawyers, doctors and even a couple Presidents. Although, its constant use could be related with deppression, phychosis and brain damages one thing is for certain. This is not stagnant and will grow and evolve in the next couple years.


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