The Role And Impact of Education On Children’s Developments

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Education is one of the important factors in one’s life. Everyone tries to attain perfect and quality education which will help them to lead a successful lifestyle and also help you to achieve standard profession and lead life in best possible manner. So education is a fundamental factor for development and also for growth. When we are living in a society we should acquire every kind of knowledge and information related to every field. Weather its economical technological philosophical psychological matters related to social business etc.

We acquire this intelligence and information from the educational institution. Educational institution gives a basic foundation for our thoughts and for our ideas. Education is like wings to one’s dreams and ambitions. It shows us the right path to achieve our dreams. Every human being has their own potentiality their own ability and skills but we get to know it through education. Through the learning process, one gets the idea of his own skills.

In olden days education for one person is very expensive and one may not afford it but now with the help of technological devices, people can involve in the learning process without much expense without wasting their time. Now education has no boundaries it’s for everyone. Education has an immense role in children’s developments. Growth is considered to be physical growth putting weight change in the human body is considered to be growth. Growth is an element which can be measured.

Development is considered to be a quantitative process. It cannot be measured it can be seen and evaluated by their behavior and by their attitude. When they understand the situation behaves maturely and socialize themselves with others and show their personality then we can be able to say that he is developed and matured. So these qualities are gain through education. When they step out from family and from the house and enter into educational institutions they acquire all the qualities which are needed to be a good citizen.

Encourages the idea of cooperation

Educational institution helps children’s to understand the concept of cooperation. When you are in safe zone which is your family and you will not have to fight or adjust for anything but when you step out your family life and step into educational institution where you are not the main priority and your likes and dislikes are not valued that time you have to adjust and cooperate which each other. It helps to learn the quality of sharing and cooperating with others. Education guides individual how they can behave in such an environment. It’s very important to learn such quality when you are in society. Such qualities are acquired through education.

Teaching the quality of respect

It’s very important to have the quality of respecting others. When you are in the family you may not give much importance to it. But a good citizen must be able to respect others. There is no better place to gain knowledge of such qualities that schools and educational institutions. It really helps one individual to grow mentally and taught such qualities and makes them learn verbally and eventually. Respecting teachers elders respecting their surroundings these are the qualities of good citizenship. Which are imparted through education and academic life.

Importance of teamwork

In schools, teacher plans activities which are focused on teamwork. When a child involves in teamwork he or she must be able to be on the team. By accepting others opinion, by sharing his own thoughts, listening to others thoughts and ideas these are the qualities which are got in school activities. It helps an individual to socially adjust and more employable. Manners of talking to others and handling the confused situations these are the demonstrations of real life. When they initially get such ideas then they will be able to handle the future life situations and will be able to handle the problem which arrives in the future. So preschool activities are not a time pass it is the basic foundations for all the human developments.

Encourages imaginative skill

As we all know every child was born with special talent. Some may have an interest in drawing some may have in sports in singing dancing in playing instruments etc so every child has a unique quality. But they may be able to identify their own skills and abilities. Schools and academic life helps an individual to identify his or her skills and helps to learn it more and develop those skills. So teachers should take the initiatives and must identify the quality and encourage the child to learn it and develop that skill.


As we grow we have to face some problematic and challenging situations. In such situations, our patience is tested. Children’s must be taught with the ability of tolerance. When they first step into school life or preschool life teachers must put children to such situations where they have to really show patience and should be able to able the problematic situations. As we grow adult we have to handle such situations we should be really bold and open-minded persons. If we get the training of being patience in the first stage itself the child will easily handle the situations.

They should have the ability to wait for their chance. Sharing their things with schoolmates sharing toys sharing food and waiting for games etc these are very small things but these are basic things to learn then only they can handle the big problems and face it as challenges. So these are qualities which are attained in school life. Ones you get such qualities then no one stops you from reaching success in life. These are attained through education and educational institutions.

Child development is the complete growth of an individual that is physical and also mental development. So when a child reaches adolescence age he must be able to adjust with social life. For that early learning process must be done in this case education have a great influence. As we said qualities must be enhanced in a child by the learning process. Ones a child enters n to learning stage he will gain lots of good qualities which are very essential to lead a happy life. Family imparts some basic qualities to a child but it’s not enough to be the good citizen he must be able to face all the challenges and should pose all the qualities of a human it’s attained through education. A parent also plays an important role in development.

Ones a child reaches a child parents should not impose any kind of pressure on children. They must show their patience too. Whatever she or he learns in educational institutions parents must encourage without making fun of them. It’s their beginning stage they may commit mistakes that time its parents turn to correct it and understand their child. Education alone cannot provide a good individual. Education provides and guides one person to lead a healthy academic life and also adjust to society. As we say the Childs education starts at home then it develops in schools. So family needs to be the biggest supporter of a child and also encourage their child in learning new things.

If a child is an introvert and has behavior problems. Teacher and parents have to identify it and have to find a solution to it. When learn and teach a child new things you will be able to identify the behavior problem of child and find a solution for it. As we know education is one of the most important elements of Childs as well as parents life. So must enjoy and learn new things which will bring a positive impact on their life. We can say that education brings overall development in a child’s life.

Barry Lind

Barry Lind

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