The Role And Impact of Education On Children’s Development

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Education is one of the important factors in one’s life. Everyone tries to attain perfect and quality education which will help them to lead a successful lifestyle and also help them to achieve standard profession and lead life in best possible manner. So education is a fundamental factor for development and also for growth. When we live in a society, we should acquire different kinds of knowledge and information related to every field. Knowledge can be related to economical, technological, philosophical or psychological – anything that pertains to life in modern society.

We acquire this intelligence and information through educational institutions. Educational institutions lay a foundation for our thoughts and our ideas. Education is like wings for one’s dreams and ambitions. It shows the correct path to achieving our dreams. Every human being has their own potential, their own abilities and skills but we get to know it through education. Through the learning process, one gets an idea of their own skills.

In the olden days, education was very expensive and many could simply not afford it; now, with the help of technological devices, people can get involved in the learning process without spending a great deal of money or wasting their time. Education has no boundaries; it’s for everyone. Education plays an immense role in children’s development.

Development is considered to be a quantitative process. It cannot be measured, but it can be seen and evaluated by a child’s behavior and attitude. When children learn how to act a new situation, behave maturely, socialize with others and show their personality, then we can say that they have developed and matured. These fundamental qualities are gained through education. When they first venture from their family and their home and enter into educational institutions, they acquire all the qualities which are needed to be a good citizen.

Encourages the Idea of Cooperation

Educational institutions help children to understand the concept of cooperation. When you are in a safety zone protected by your family and you do not have to fight or change anything about yourself. When you step into an educational institution where you are not the main priority and your likes and dislikes are not valued all the time, you have to learn to adapt and cooperate with others. You learn the quality of sharing and cooperating with others. Education guides the individual in how they should behave in such an environment. It’s very important to learn such qualities when you are in society.

Teaching the Quality of Respect

It’s very important to respect others. When you are in the context of your family, you may not give much importance to it. But a good citizen must be able to respect others. There is no better place to gain knowledge of such qualities than schools and educational institutions. It really helps an individual to grow and mature mentally and emotionally. Respecting teachers or elders and respecting your surroundings are the qualities of good citizenship, which are imparted through education and academic life.

The Importance of Teamwork

In schools, the teacher plans activities which are focused on teamwork. When a child gets involved in teamwork, he or she must be able to work in a team. By accepting others opinion, by sharing her own thoughts and listening to others’ thoughts and ideas. It helps an individual to socially adjust and in turn, makes them more employable. Learning manners of how to discuss with others and handle confusing situations are replicas of real life. By being exposed to such situations, they will be able to handle the future life matter and potential problems which might arise in the future. Thus, school activities are not just a pastime, but the basic foundation for holistic human development.

Encourages Imagination

As we all know every child is born with a special talent. Some may have an interest in drawing, some may have in sports while others might have a talent for singing, dancing or playing musical instruments etc, so every child has a unique quality. Schools and academic life helps an individual to identify  and develop his or her skills. So teachers should take initiative and identify individual qualities and encourage the child to learn it and develop that skill.


As we grow we have to face some problematic and challenging situations. In such situations, our patience is tested. Children must be taught the ability of tolerance. When they first step into school life or preschool life, teachers must put children in situations where they have to develop their patience and and learn to manage problematic situations. As we grow as adults, we have to handle difficult situations by being bold and open-minded people.

They should have the ability to wait for their turn. Sharing things, like toys and food with schoolmates and waiting for their turn in games etc are very small but basic things that people should learn in order to become independent beings. These are qualities which can be attained in school life. Once you get such qualities then no one stops you from reaching success in life.

Child development is the complete growth of an individual, consisting of physical and mental development. When a child reaches adolescence, she must be able to adjust to social life. School greatly reinforces this skill. Family can impart some basic qualities to a child, but it’s not always enough to be a good citizen.

Parents however should avoid imposing pressure on children. They must also exhibit patience. Parents should support and encourage their children in the learning process. They should show understanding when children make mistakes. Education alone cannot do miracles, as children need a safety net of emotional support. Education helps in guiding an individual and adjusting to social life. However, a child’s education begins at home; development occurs in schools.

Lastly, if a child is an introvert and/or has behavior problems, teacher and parents have to identify it and find the best possible solution to it. Behavior problems are usually determined and identified during the learning process. 

As we know education is one of the most important elements of child’s as well as parents’ life. So we must all strive to enjoy and learn new things, which will bring a positive impact on our life.


Barry Lind

Barry Lind

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