Video Games: possible tool or just a toy?

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Video games as a hobby

Games have always been an essential part of human life. They allow us to unwind and take a break from mundane routine work. Like all things in life, technology took hold of games too and video games were born. From Pong of the 1970s, the popularity of video games has grown exponentially.

With the passage of time, games have become more realistic and immersive. They have integrated themselves in different mediums such as computers, mobile phones etc. Today, the video gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and questions are being asked whether it can only serve as a source of entertainment or does it have the potential to be something more.

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Video games are known to impact our mental traits. It has been noted that teenagers, a large chunk of the video gamers, that play video games are better at skills such as problem solving and multi-tasking. Their hand eye coordination is said to be better as well as many video games require quick responses coupled with fast processing of the given situation.

While most video games are not intended to be educational, there is a growing category of video games that are designed as learning tools. They are generally targeted towards children as it has proven to be a fun yet potent way to educate them. Expanding upon the mental health benefits, there are physical benefits of certain games as well. With technology like the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect, physical movement is required to play video games. They too have proven to be an enjoyable yet rewarding activity.

..And as a weapon

Yet along with their benefits, video games do have their drawbacks. Many video games contain excessive violence, sexual themes and profanity. Although such games are age restricted but they are still finding their way to the younger more impressionable lot. There have been many reports of harassment and foul language in online game lobbies as well which again is more harmful for children.


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This has led to the view of some criminal behavior being attributed to playing violent games at a young age. While any conclusive evidence is yet to be found but there is enough to suggest some correlation. Also, while few video games do engage the player in physical activity, the majority of the video games do not. It is seen that many have adopted a sedentary lifestyle due to long hours of video gaming. This in turn has various adverse effects on their health by contributing to problems such as obesity.

Control your life

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Video games are a key component of the modern world we live in today. Most of the issues that stem from them can be extrapolated to irresponsible behavior. Many parents do not verify whether a particular video game is appropriate for their children or not. Furthermore, even adults, who are a vast demographic of video gamers, exhibit similar carelessness by allowing video games to disrupt their daily routine. One must always remember that at the end of the day, the controller of life is in our own hands and unlike video games, there is no reset button!



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