Will Advancement in Science and Technology Have A Bad Effect On The Society?

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Science and Technology is continuously evolving. There was a time when things like smart phone were just a fantasy. Leave alone smart phones, people never even had a thought that we will ever land on moon. But this all has become possible and is not a fantasy anymore. Thanks to science. But does all this advancement in technology and science will have a bad effect on our society let’s find out.

This question has arose from one of the Einstein quote

“I fear that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have generation of idiots”

Keeping that in mind, it is kind of true. Today wherever you will go, you will see young generation using their smartphones. They are not interacting with each other even when they sitting in front of each other. They think they are socializing but in fact they are not. They are just using their smartphone talking to each other and that is not the definition of socializing.

But just because they are not really socializing can we really call it a bad influence of technology? Well if you ask me, I’ll say not really. We are continuously evolving, and so is our lifestyle and stuff. The tools used to cut a tree hundreds of year ago has been replaced with a chainsaw.

If I ask you to cut a tree will you use a chainsaw or an axe? Chainsaw off course. So why is it we get offended from the things like social media socializing?

Some, like the Wired founder Kevin Kelly, believe that the answer is a resounding “yes.”

In his book

“What Technology Wants,” Kelly writes:

“Technology wants what life wants: Increasing efficiency; Increasing opportunity; Increasing emergence; Increasing complexity; Increasing diversity; Increasing specialization; Increasing ubiquity; Increasing freedom; Increasing mutualism; Increasing beauty; Increasing sentience; Increasing structure; Increasing resolvability.”

Kostas Deroukakis
Love to search, to try, to give, to learn. Knowledge, is the road for this achievement
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