GPS Collars in Tracking and Monitoring Pets

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Cutting-edge technology

Rapid globalization and urbanization have remarkably altered our lifestyles but, to our dismay, this progression has become a modern-day plague by enforcing an equally negative impact on our environment, disturbing the bio-diversity, natural balance in resources, the ecosystem and has even changed climatic and weather patterns due to variations in land use pattern.

Vast stretches of land which were once covered with forests have been damaged for obtaining land for residential and commercial purposes. This constantly varying environment has raised a serious concern for animals and pets, as these furry goofballs have no idea of the geographical barriers, and every so often  they go on an adventurous trip, putting the pet owners in serious trouble.


The right side of technology

Figures provided by American Humane Association indicate that each year around 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen. But there is no need to worry as you can keep your buddy safe and sound, thanks to the innovative GPS tracking system.

Few years back, Bluetooth trackers having about a 50-feet range were in use, however, now this has been revolutionized as GPS trackers can keep you aware of your pet’s activity at all times on a live-tracking GPS map. Another feature of GPS software is geo-fencing, which defines the safe geographical region for your pet or animal and sets off an alarm to alert you in case your pet gets out of reach or breaches the confined boundary.

Features of GPS trackers

The amazing features do not end here; these trackers allow owners to monitor pets’ activities as well as any sign of illness or can diagnose any health issues before it is too late, and hence it improves the chances of a healthier life for your animal or pet, owing to the health settings or fitness tracking settings installed in the tracking system.

Recently, a pet tracker won the CES 2017 Best Of Innovation and the good thing is that even this tracker operates under a GPS location tracking system. Few other trackers use Wi-Fi along with GPS to pinpoint the area of an animal or pet, whether indoor or outdoor.


Occasionally, Global Positioning System trackers can keep you directly in touch with your pet by providing you all the visuals of animal activity on your cell phone’s screen, provided you have a good cellular network. Moreover, GPS in collaboration with some wireless networks send you a message about your pet before sending you the visuals.

Another impressive feature offered by some of the GPS trackers is that they provide you with an option of two-way audio and your lost animal can hear your soothing voice and feel better till you reach that location to rescue it.

Reasons to buy

In short, the GPS system which was developed for military purposes has become equally important in our day-to-day life, in keeping our pets and animals safe and secure. These trackers have remarkable capabilities and come in a wide variety of prices, no matter what, you always have multiple options available in the market. Go for the best one which suits your budget and make sure your buddy is protected from theft or danger.

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