10 most dangerous animals on the planet

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In the existing world, every creature survives when it’s best fitted for the environment and has developed the best organs and organ systems. Every animal has a unique set of characters that help to resist the predators. The adaptation and defending capabilities of an animal are quite necessary for its survival.

In nature, there exist many wild animals of varying size. They may not seem such harmless creatures but have been reported to cause a wide range of deaths all over the world. Below you will discover the most lethal animals on our planet. So, try to avoid hanging out with them!

1)Golden Poison Dart Frog

This dangerous amphibian species is found mostly in the rain forests found along Columbia Pacific coast and is roughly 2 inches in length. It has poison glands located just below its skin and is filled with the poison called batrachotoxin. These deadly organisms have been reported to be loaded with this poison and a single frog contains enough of it to kill ten fully grown humans! About 2 micrograms of this poison can be enough to kill a single human being.

2) King Cobra

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This snake is one of the deadliest reported animals and is highly venomous. It has reported killing many animals and humans in past years. Its venom is strong enough to kill humans and large Asian elephants within 5 hours of its attack. It has been reported to be a furious snake among all the snakes present on the planet earth because it can inject its venom at a much faster rate.


3) Stone fish

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This has been reported as one of the most venomous fish among all the species of fish. It is the fastest predator of the small fish and engulfs them at high speed, which is less than 0.15 seconds. If any human or fish touches its highly contagious spikes can cause tremendous pain in the body and can even cause death.

4) Cone snail

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This beautiful creature has white and brown shell and has been found mostly in the warm waters of the tropics. This 4 to 6 inches long creature has teeth hidden under its shell which contain venom called conotoxin. This toxin can cause paralysis among the creatures that come in contact with it because it hinders the communication of nerves within the body.

5) Saltwater crocodile

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Among all the discovered organisms on the planet, the saltwater crocodile is regarded as the most dangerous organism and is found in Indo-Pacific region. It grows up to 23 feet and causes hundreds of death each year. Their characteristic to survive both in fresh and salt water and when it comes in contact with his prey it can bite up to 3700 pounds of pressure per square inch on the skin thus rupturing the skin and causing death.

6) Puffer fish

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This deadly organism inhabits the oceans and is regarded among one of the dangerous organisms. Their protruding spines contain venom that can cause serious complications in humans. It can paralyze the body of humans and can hinder the process of breathing thus leading to death. If humans consume improperly cooked puffer fish they can also die.

7) Cape buffaloes

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These deadly creatures are found in sub-Saharan Africa and have been reported to kill around 200 humans a year. This highly aggressive creature can attack the prey from the back if it is wounded. They always attack in the form of herds and are highly intimidating. Due to high death rates in Africa, they are known as ‘Black Death’.

8) Komodo Dragon

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These prodigious hunters wait for the prey to arrive, after which they attack the throat of the prey and eat it up while the blood is still flowing out of the body. They are furious creatures that have been known to kill anything that comes in their way. It has also been reported that they dig up bodies from the shallow graves and eat it up.

9) Blue ringed octopus

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This small sized creature is highly venomous and has been reported to contain as much venom as to kill 26 fully grown individuals. The venom can cause paralysis and breathing complications among the prey. However, after sometimes in most of the cases the venom is neutralized by the body of the prey.

10) African elephant

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Although elephants seem to be a friendly creature the African elephants are quite aggressive and fiercely creatures that can cause the death of even large animals such as rhinoceros. The raise the bouts of rage during aggression and have been reported to kill many humans and have destroyed entire villages.  



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