7 Interesting Facts about Laughter

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It is said that laughing is the best medicine of all time; this is entirely true when you take a careful look at how people have always been fascinated with laughter. It is a language that is understood by all of us, no matter the age, sex, social class, etc.

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Here are seven interesting facts as to why we should laugh

  • They say that laughter is contagious; that’s entirely true because we tend to laugh up to 30 times more when we are in the company of our friends than when we are by ourselves. If you don’t believe us watch the following video!



  • More frequent and more genuine laughter helps your body to combat harmful infections. It helps in reducing the levels of cortisol in the system thereby lowering the levels of stress.


  • It is possible to force smiles and makes our brains believe we are happy, but it is impossible to force laughter



  • The act of laughing itself is a good work out because what we do when laughing is that we are strengthening muscles in our faces, diaphragms, and stomach.


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  • For every fifteen minutes of solid full-body laughing you do, you are invariably burning up 40 calories of fat! Meaning laughing is a means of dieting.


  • Laughing can increase your lifespan because, for every fifteen minutes of laughing, two days are added to the lifespan..


  • Humans are not the only creatures that laugh, many animals do so but it might be difficult to detect because it is not so apparent.

Laughing horse – uminousowl 🙂


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