9 Fascinating Facts about Wisdom

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  • The most well-known trial in history was about wisdom

The most famous trial called the “trial of the century” in many ways has to do with wisdom: the Philosopher Socrates defending himself repeatedly gave definitions of wisdom to prove that his accusers were wrong.

  • King Solomon was not quite wise

The story of Solomon’s wisdom is well known to us all, where he used strategy to determine the birth mother of a child. The wisdom was transient, and subsequently, he became arrogant. God consequently rebuked him, and he was stripped from his fortune.

Mystic illustration of spiritual symbols, goddess of wisdom on black background. Occult and esoteric drawing, gothic and Wicca concept. Latin text Momento Mori means Remember that you have to die…


  • Tribulation early in life enriches one’s wisdom

There is a direct correlation between early-life adversity and how well one’s wisdom develops. Even, in animal behavioral experiments, it has been claimed when an animal is subjected to moderate stress early in life, it may lead to better emotional resilience as time would pass.

  • Older people manage their emotions better

Research endeavours at Georgia Tech have established that older people usually come up with better ways for solving day to day emotional problems than younger people.

  • Mental practice improves neural performance in qualities associated with wisdom.

Many neuroscientists have claimed that mental exertion like meditation can change the way the brain faces problems.

  • Paragons of wisdom are often social and political outcasts

There are pockets of eminent personalities considered to be wise, people like, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Socrates, etc., were regarded as eccentric, marginalized, or persecuted by their contemporaries. This means we do not recognize the wisdom in our mind.

  • Scientists can “jam” some neural correlates of wisdom

Scientists over the years have reported the results of “brain-jamming” experiments. That is, people who experience an unfair situation are not capable of acting upon their indignation.

Locust brain neuron. This composite image shows two neurons in the locust brain (one colored orange, one colored blue) that process information about odors. credit – NIH Image Gallery

  • Animals are wise

Social insects such as honey bees offer a model of smart social cooperation like altruism, group work, etc., within themselves.

  • Intelligence is not the same as wisdom

What differentiates wisdom from intelligence is by putting knowledge at the service of all. What should be paramount in our minds is not how much knowledge you have, but how you use that knowledge.

Credits to Lori Alanis – First gallery image “Wisdom” 


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