How Escaping From Your Comfort Zone Leads To Out Of The Box Thinking

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What makes you comfortable can ruin you

Being different is what makes us tick. Animal species take millions of years to evolve, but people can do this in just seconds. An idea, a thought, put into action while engaging others in the dream, can change our lives permanently for better or worse.

The world is full of people ‘thinking outside the box’, but too often their ideas and dreams are pushed aside in favour of more conservative plans.

But it’s not the conservative among us we need to celebrate.

Most of us like to be where we are comfortable feel safe and protected from fear, harm, chaos and confusion.

None of us, including me, really like having to face what we don’t know or have no reference point for, the unknown.Yes, there are occasions that we look forward to the unknown as a way of experiencing something completely new, foreign, out of the ordinary and unfamiliar.

It’s usually easier if someone else has already gone before us showing us the way and that it’s really OK because they came out the other end of the dark tunnel, facing the unknown and emerged intact and in one piece.

When we attempt to step out beyond everything we have ever known, like starting or expanding your business for example, this can be very scary for most people. It certainly was for me!


Why it’s hard to escape from your safety

Thoughts start going round and round, courtesy of Ego-chitter chatter that causes doubt, fear of failure or worse, making fools out of ourselves. These fear-based thoughts often trigger emotions questioning our intuition or gut feelings that, in the beginning, gave us the courage to take that step beyond what we know.

There are so many things we don’t know anything about, like writing articles and posting to a blog for example OR how to set-up a website, what to charge, how to present what we have to offer, and even attract potential clients in a way that is authentic and genuine.

For others it’s all about walking away from something or someone they have known for a very long time and starting a brand new life on their own or with a new partner.

Any one of these examples can cause fear, struggle, chaos and confusion, self-doubt, lack of confidence and even feelings of being unworthy and perhaps not deserving to fulfill their lifelong dreams of having a fabulous life and loving what they do.

If we want to face the other side or see something, a situation or experience or even a project we’re working on from another perspective, we must step out and away from what we’re used to.

In an effort to paint a picture of what it truly means to be able to step out beyond your comfort zone, out of the box and into the magic of you, let’s give some meaning to the following…

  • Box: square or rectangular shape with four-equal sides; a set of limiting beliefs, paradigms and mind-sets that keep you trapped in outdated ways of thinking, speaking and acting out of fear of the unknown.
  • Magic: the power of apparently influencing the outcome of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces such as the Universal Laws of Attraction, Polarity and Prosperity and Abundance
  • Comfort Zone: a sense of familiarity; a place of boundaries and limitation; free from stress or fear; a sense of fear of the unknown; not wanting to take a risk
  • Alignment: all things, thoughts and emotions are in sync one with the other vibrating at the same energetic frequency, all flowing in the same direction

Master Key


If you always do the very same things you will always get the very same results.

It is that simple and yet there are countless men and women who, for whatever reason, are simply not able or willing to step back looking at what they are doing, or just as importantly, not doing and continue to wonder why everything remains the same.

It is more than essential that we stop and really look at where we are in relation to where we want to be. It’s more about taking a lot of small, seemingly insignificant steps one at a time, and stopping to breathe along the way.

Be assured, you will have scraped knees, bruised feelings and wonder at times if what you are doing is really worth all that is being required of you. You will hit what I call energy walls that are fueled by Ego-chitter chatter to keep you from moving beyond what you know, keeping you safe, small and unfulfilled.

This space of staying in your comfort zone is all about not failing, not being seen, not questioning what you’ve been taught and certainly not realizing and accepting that you have unlimited potential just waiting to be tapped!

The magic lies just beyond the box that we call our comfort zone. You have to be willing to step out beyond everything you have ever known to step into the magic of you.

This is a continual process, stepping out of the box and into the magic of you. Because once we step into that new space, we begin to get comfortable until we come up against the edge once again.

How to get away from your Comfort zone

Just like a weightlifter or a basketball player, the brain gets bigger when you are thinking outside the box. By getting out of your comfort zone and thinking bigger, you make your brain stronger. You also learn skills that let you use your brain in a smarter way-just like a chess player learns new moves.

But many people miss out on the chance to grow a stronger brain because they think they can’t do it, or that it’s too hard. It does take work, just like becoming stronger physically or becoming a better ball player does. Sometimes it even hurts! But when you feel yourself get better and stronger, worth it!

There are thousand ways to escape from your security and put your self out of the circle. You just need to find what fits to you and make the first step. Some examples might be.

  • Start learning a new language or a new skill
  • Start a brand new sport like dancing or boxing
  • Change the road you go for your work
  • Install a new Operating System in you PC
  • Connect with different people except your well known close ones
  • Volunteer with an organization that does great work and be a part of something really matters
  • Identify and deal with your fears, don’t just learn to live with them
  • End relationships that don’t offer anything anymore. And you know that but you are too afraid to turbulent the sea
  • Avoid the “temptation” of junk food and Netflix marathons everyday after work. You can even go out and get drunk from time to time or read a new book or whatever!

Just remember you have to challenge yourself from time to time. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So, take a deep breath and step outside the box and into the magic of you! 


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Giannis Sore

Giannis Sore

Giannis is an IT enginner from Athens.
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