Four Diet and Health Rules by Hippocrates Everyone Should Follow

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Today, every new doctor still pledges to do no harm. This is one of Hippocrates famous legacies. He has also given many advices on health which have been amazingly helpful in the development of medicine. It’s amazing that many doctors and health personnel often follow still today.

Here are 4 of his health and diet rules that have been used for a very long time.

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Walking Is Man’s Best Medicine


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Hippocrates first clinical studies were done by observing people and comparing their health habits. He then noticed that bodies grow relaxed and squat through their non-active lives, which then led to various illnesses. He said that those who walk more stay well longer.

Hippocrates then always prescribed exercise. Walking actually lowers a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease and some certain cancers. Hippocrates had advised us to walk.

To Do Nothing Is Also a Good Remedy


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During Hippocrates’ time, many unqualified physicians persuaded many sick people to go through dangerous and expensive processes which were all unnecessary. But Hippocrates believed that unless you had real proof that a medical treatment or procedure was helpful, you should not use it.

In our present day, there are many advanced medicines and it is harder now for doctors to resist ordering tests and treatments even if they were not really necessary. But sometimes, if these doctors don’t know what they are doing, they shouldn’t do it at all. Occasionally, we have back pain, for example, and we look for fast ways to resolve it using different substances or procedures that are actually unnecessary.

But this pain can stop within few months with simple remedies like heat, ice, over-the-counter pain relievers, and mild exercise.

Let Food Be The Medicine


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Hippocrates also observed that people who are constitutionally very fat are more liable to die earlier and quicker than those who are not. He also recognized that when a person follows a fresh plant-based diet (vegetables and fruits), he develops fewer diseases.

So, no matter what eating style you follow, if it is based on colourful plants, vegetables, fruits and unprocessed foods, you are likely to be healthier and have a longer life span.

Everything in Moderation




The cornerstone quote that ancient Greeks were following. Hippocrates said that everything in excess is opposed to nature, meaning too much of everything is bad. He acknowledged that the same remedy could heal in one dose but harm in a greater one.

Everyone loves to take good things to the extreme. But actually, doing too much exercise, having too much sleep and supplements can all be dangerous if we overdo them.


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