Ten Times Dogs Help Humanity That Nobody Else Could

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Pets are not humans, but they exhibit a lot of human qualities, like strong personality, emotions etc. Pets may just be domesticated animals, to those who do not like to have them around, but they can definitely be a source of comfort in any kind of life situation. For pet owners, they are the best of friends. Pets are not a cure for anything, but a source of happiness, love, friendship and better health. For pets it is said that they are the innocent friends of cruel masters.

People prefer different kind of pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds etc. As a matter of fact, dogs are the most faithful pet animal of all. A “friend in need is a friend indeed” perfectly defines a dog. They fulfil all the characteristics of a best friend, and they love to be around humans as much as humans love to be around them. Studies have shown that dogs can watch TV, read facial expressions, display jealousy and show empathy. During their evolution from wolves to domesticated animals they picked up humanlike characteristics. Traits that mirror ours include tolerance, paying attention and getting along.

In 1992, researchers at Baker Medical Research Institute found that people who own a pet experienced lower systolic blood pressure than people who did not own one.

Aside from obvious benefits of petting a dog, it can lower your stress level and may help you meet your fitness goals. This happens due to increased physical activity. Some people have reported that their pet dogs can predict the onset of periodic seizures, even before they can. These dogs are called “seizure alert” or “seizure response” dogs. Apart from just saying, dogs have proved themselves to be the most helpful animals towards humanity. Friendly nature, companionship and security provided by dogs have always been a tagline of news.

Following are some of the live saving stories of heroic dogs


Image by – starpulse

Brutis became a hero in 2004 when he was 7 years old and saved a young child from coral snake. He received the National Hero Dog award.


Image by – dogguide

Moti was the 5 years old German Shepherd who took a bullet for his human family. He was awarded with 2007 Dog of the Year award. He got shot while saving his Patel family from a masked intruder. All the other family members were completely unharmed. Fortunately, this hero made a full recovery.


Image by – doggies4ever

Honey was 5 months old English Cocker Spaniel who saved her owner from a horrible car accident. She brought a man to the scene of an accident from almost half a mile away. She was 2006 Dog of the Year.


Image by – dogguide

Hero was a 4 years old Golden retriever who saved a disable man when his wheelchair got stuck in mud. Hero was a former soldier’s service dog. He pulled the rope which was thrown by that man towards him, until the wheelchair was set free.


Image by – content.time

Trakr along with owner, police officer James Symington located the last human survivor of World Trade Centre attack. He helped the officer in digging through almost 30 feet of unstable debris at the ‘ground zero’ site. Trakr was a 7 years old German Shephard who became the hero in 2001 and was named as one of history’s most heroic animal by Time Magazine. Trakr was considered as the most “clone-worthy dog” for use in police rescue forces.


Image by – weenergies.blogspot

Shelby was 7 years old German Shephard from Iowa, who saved two adults and two children from carbon monoxide poisoning. She detected the rising carbon monoxide level while all the family members were sleeping. Luckily everyone survived and made complete recovery. Shelby became the 45th Skippy Dog Hero of the Year.


Image by – dogguide

The Australian Blue Heeler was 2001 Dog Hero of the Year. He saved his 85 years old owner from an alligator attack. This incident happened behind their home, both Blue and his owner made full recoveries.


Image by – dogguide

Nellie, a 4 years old dog, saved her deaf owner by using her high-powered ears to detect an intruder in time. She received Heroic Hearing Dog of the Year award.


Image by – dogguide

Toby, a golden retriever saved his owner from choking to death on an apple. The dog jumped onto her chest and forced the apple out from her throat. In 2007, Toby received the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ “Dog of the Year” award.


Image by – nbcnews

Belle made a cell phone call to save her owner’s life. Belle literally dialed ‘911’ into a cell phone after her diabetic owner collapsed from a seizure. She became the first canine to receive VITA’s Wireless Samaritan Award.

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