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Irvin David Yalom was born on June 13, 1931. He’s a Stanford University graduate and is considering one of the greatest representatives of existential psychotherapy. This gentleman wrote an exuberant number of books, both psychotherapy and science fiction. He evoked several celebrated philosophers, with characteristics similar to his personality and thought.

In several of his works, he named Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Spinoza, showing them in works of philosophical and fictitious character. Best part about Yalom is that through his books allowed lot of people to investigate and seek further about philosophy and psychotherapy.

In the following article, we will show you the best books of your life, and we will give you a brief review on the subject of the books.


Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir (new book)

In Becoming Myself, his hotly anticipated diary, he turns his restorative eye on himself, diving into the connections that molded him and the notable work that made him renowned. The original offspring of outsider Russian Jews, Yalom experienced childhood in a lower – class neighborhood in Washington DC. Resolved to get away from his limits, he set his sights on turning into a specialist. A mind boggling ascendance: we saw his begin at Stanford Medical School in the midst of the social changes of the 1960s, his swing to composing fiction as a methods for assisting his investigation of human mind and his ascent to global noticeable quality.


When Nietzsche wept

This is a fiction novel that was written in the year 1992. It dates back to the end of 1882 when a young woman named Lou Salomé asks the doctor Josef Breuer to help an unknown philosopher to Time, called Friedrich Nietzsche. The plot is a mutual overcoming between Breuer and Nietzsche and is a reflection on life. It addresses issues of death, growing old, love and meaning of life. The title of the book came from Yalom’s wife while he was struggling to put the ideal name in his book. Sigmund Freud also appears in the work making the book an irresistible piece of art.


The Schopenhauer cure

In this book, Yalom returns to take a philosophical figure of the past and make him a character in one of his works. This time, the book is based on questioning the reason for the pessimistic and apparently misanthropic mood of Arthur Schopenhauer. This book provides a great starting point for someone to learn Schopenhauer’s biography and teachings. Yalom tries to explain the reason of the ideas of Nietzsche’s teacher and in turn, he strongly questions if someone should have been put under psychotherapy, a thing that in the end affirms.


Lying on the couch

In this book Yalom seeks to put us in the shoes of psychoanalysts, who have seen how their psychological current has become vulnerable to patients who utter “lies” on the couch and seduce with money, sex or false devotion. Seymour, Marshall and Ernest Lash are the leading analysts, and through the narrative, you can perceive their thoughts during the sessions and so on. He also proves in a gentle way that vulnerability to human temptations is not an ordinary people privilege.

Spinoza’s problem

Yalom takes a philosophical character again and through his figure raises questions and ideas about fear, God and faith. According to Yalom, Spinoza has been great inspiration for the great German thinker and writer Goethe. This book shows us very interesting things about middle age Europe, before the rise of the Age of Enlightenment. During those difficult ages, Spinoza’s writings question constantly the one and only power of that age: the catholic church. The novel maintains a suspense until the end, until knowing what the problem of Spinoza is.


Among his other works are:

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