8 Destinations for a Game of Thrones Tour in Iceland

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Few destinations anywhere in the world can offer the same diversity and spectacular landscapes as the mysterious island of Iceland.

Located in the northern reaches of the planet, this enchanting landmass is famous for breathtaking scenery but at the same time, it is also home to some incredible destinations for a Game of Thrones Tour in Iceland.


Here are the most fascinating locations for fans wanting to witness some of these magical places with their own eyes:


  1. Dimmuborgir – Lava fields and a love nest

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Renowned as one of the most popular natural tourist attractions in Iceland, Dimmuborgir is an immense area of lava fields located to the east of Myvatn. In the show, this is where Mance Rayder decides to set up camp in season three and it also home to the cave that Jon Snow and Ygritte shared as a love nest. Although best known as a destination for a Game of Thrones Tour, this is also a location where a famous troll named Gryla and her third husband Leppaluai, are said to live.


  1. Vatnajokull – Beyond the wall

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Also referred to as the Water Glacier, this is the largest ice cap in the whole of Europe and featured in season two of Game of Thrones as a location beyond the wall.  There are many great features about the ice cap including the fact that underneath lies several lakes and volcanoes, while the overall landscape is certainly reminiscent of many scenes in the infamous HBO series.


  1. Svinafellsjokull – Wilderness from season two and three


An outlet glacier of the beautiful Vatnajokull, here you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in Iceland.  It can be seen in both season two and three of the show but if you feel a little more adventurous, it is also just an amazing place to go hiking. However, this stunning destination for a Game of Thrones Tour also requires a professional guide.


  1. Porufoss – The Unfortunate Waterfall

Sitting at approximately sixteen metres (54 feet) high, this obscure, yet attractive waterfall is where the Dragon eats a goat in Season Four. Although this was a rather gruesome and dramatic scene in game of Thrones, it is also a very tranquil place of natural beauty which should be appreciated regardless of the television series.


  1. Kirkjufell – Church Mountain


This mountain is the most photographed mountain in the whole of Iceland. Located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, fans will remember this arrowhead shaped mountain from both season six and seven.  In season six, the 463 metre high mountain can be seen when the first White Walker was created by the children of the forest. Later in season seven, this is also where the heroes travel north of the wall.


  1. Reynisfjara – Eastwatch by-the-sea

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Situated in Myrdal, near the town Vik, the black sands of TReynisfjara is by far the most breathtaking beach in Iceland.  This is another destination for a Game of Thrones tour which featured in season seven as the waterfront for Eastwatch-by-the-sea. At the same time, this is also an extremely popular tourist attraction so the area may seem a little busier than other nearby locations.


  1. Pingvellir – The Path to Eyrie


Another popular attraction in Iceland, particularly in terms of destinations for a Game of Thrones tour is Pingvellir national park. Located in southwestern Iceland, this National Park is just forty kilometers from the capital city of Reykjavik. It features both as the narrow path that leads to Eyrie, and the location of Arya’s and Sandor Clegane’s journey through the wilderness. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland, it is also a place of natural beauty with great historical and cultural significance.


  1. Skessuhorn Mountain – Winterfell Castle


Located in Borgarfjorour, Skessuhorn is a huge mountain that sits around 967 metres (3172 feet) above sea level.  It can be seen in scenes featuring the Winterfell castle in seasons six and seven and is one of Iceland’s most beautiful locations.  However, if you are planning on hiking here make sure you have good equipment with you as will take around five or six hours to reach the top.


While Croatia and certain parts of Northern Ireland feature heavily in the infamous television series, the unique landscapes of Iceland ensure this is the most magical place to experience destinations for a Game of Thrones Tour. From cascading waterfalls and towering peaks to immense glaciers and endless wilderness, you will recognize many aspects of this beautiful part of the world but at the same time, the genuine beauty of Iceland existed a long, long time before the television.


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