Marseille – Not a First Sight Love Actually

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On a hot summer day, around mid of June about the time when the temperature climbs up very high, and a nature features dress up into very warm and dazzlingly yellow hue,we arrive at Paris-Gare de´lest-a parisian train station placed right in the heart of a city centre.

Its surroundings composed of the narrow streets filled with a filth of a multicultural city; with a motorbikes parked all around the pavements and a beeping cars driven by a taxi-drivers waiting to prey on tourists from outside France and their money-filled pockets. Nothing to worry about-Paris is only a two day interchange on our way to Marseille this time.

MuCEM, Marseile. Credits hil C3.Flickr

But next time you should have us, Paris-au revoir!

We are headed now to catch our train to Marseille – a super speed vehicle that transfers you from Paris to the very south point of France in a blink of an eye.Although recalling Jules Verne futurist features here,this time it is only TGV high speed train that we board on. What a luxury-after one hour of gazing at the ever-soslightly changing nature scenery,we retire to a second compartment to sip in a cup of a milky capuccino…this is now where the story really begins.

Finding the hotel now is being rather convenient these days, especially since the british internet companies liaised with those in France and you can use up your data left on your phone wherever in France you may be. So just set up the navigation to the final destination,and hurry up before it gets dark out there.

Marseille is very lovely and welcoming place,if you know how to be , safe´or if you have attended few very much needed self-defence training sessions.Digging into the history of this city,it has always been entangled in crime activity,and the situation is still ongoing for developers and local traders sadly.However it is claimed that tourists do not detest this and Marseille city is said to welcome thousand and thousand of tourists yearly.

Marseille by night through the eyes of Gigidusud. Credits trekearth.com

Fish and (fish) chips

Marseille is famous for its ´fish markets´(thinking yourself orthodox vegetarian, I highly recommend not to happen to be at the harbour in the early morning when stalls are filled with dozen of fish carcass). On the other hand, this works well for local restaurants and pubs-they are guaranteed fresh fish every single day.Five stars rating is a must in this resilient competition.

Far from virgin provence

You were wrong to target this destination by thinking of the traditional portrait of a french rural suburb.In a fact,Marseille is very multicultural place and definitely falls among those with a huge variety of ethnicity. But let´s not jump to the conclusion. In spite of Marseille being very versatile and ambivalent, it can equal your stay with few relaxing days on a beach.And yet you can call your day off by stepping into a rather magic spreading cafe with a waitress serving you a glass of wine at your very arrival. Crisps or cashews come too!

The common language rule does not apply

If you guessed that the three quarters of the world have been familiarised with english language by now, you could not be more wrong. France is definitely not one of them! Very patriotic attitude and reluctance towards expansion of english language is more than apparent when in France.

Not only they refuse to react to what you are saying, but they even give you a hateful glance meaning:”What on earth have you been thinking coming to France not learning a single french word?”

I suggest you buy yourself some english-french pocket dictionary. Invest your effort to understand the few basic phrases-voilá-you win their smile!

Few tips

First and foremost place to visit would definitely be a Notre Dame; but a diminished marseillian version of that famous Notre-Dame in Paris. For some reason,french people decided to intrigue our minds and named every sacred temple in France ,Notre Dame’.

They all have one in common,that is maintenance of a silence. By this I mean there is a guard put on a door ready to jump in with his:shhh to any chatty tourist who would want to break the law of a silence. You can even lit up your own candle and say a prayer.

It might be a little chilly in the interiors of the temple even on a sunny day, so once you find yourself chilling to the bone, make your way to the fence arches to look over and view the sea and indulge your imagination by bright blue almost magical crust of sparkling water layered with sailing boats and ship.

Speaking of which-a day out with a family on a cruise-ship heading from Marseille harbour to area called Calanque-a narrow, steep-walled inlet found along the Mediterranean coast sounds like a fun activity.Bear in mind taking your swimming costume with you as well as tons of sun cream!

Not all those who wander are lost-you can step on a land,leave the board for few hours or a day and explore terrain in Calanque.

C´est Marseille!

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