Weird places in the world – Explore the nature’s eternal beauty

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Explore the nature’s eternal beauty that you won’t believe exist!

The Earth is a big place with so much to explore. In this fast pace of daily life we often forget to notice the eternal beauty of nature. Here you will explore the world’s most weird places that will baffle you up and will nudge you about the creepy things that could be obstructed in your town.


‘The world is a book, the more you explore the more you find the lavish and exaggerating beautiful sites.’


Split Apple Rock

A weird shaped rock forming the shape of split apple is situated on the Northern Coast of South Island in New Zealand. This immense structure is built on a 120 million old Granite structure. This epic structure of a split apple is also known as Tokangawha.

The structure has become one of the most liked tourist attraction of Tasman Sea. A number of boats are available from the coast to take you to this beautifully split apple structure. The place due to its mild climate is accessible throughout the year.

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Green Lake in Tragoess Austria

This gorgeous beautiful lake is located in Tragoess, Austria. This epic Green water lake turns out to an astonishing underwater park in summer. The place being surrounded by Hachschwab Mountains giving it a fascinating place hallmark for being the best adventure and hiking destination in that arena.

The exotic Green waters of Europe make this an amazing lagoon revealing the beautiful underwater landscape. The best time to arrive the place is in the mid May or June. During this period one can do Scuba Driving and explore the immense beauty of the place to a greater extent.


Angel Falls Venezuela

A spectacular waterfall in Venezuela having a height of 3212 feet is all set to invoke your senses. The remote location and the gorgeous view of place from the ground and from the air give you thumbs up. The place is also remembered as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Further, the history associated with the place makes the place remembered in history. The place got its name from Jimmie Angel who the first US pilot to fly over the falls. His ashes and his footprints are scattered all over the place and are still remembered throughout the site.

Rowan Castle


Maunsell Sea Forts

Maunsell Sea Forts are the amazing abandoned sea forts after the World War II. These are some bizarre looking structures located in England. These forts served as an exemplary location for the first radio which broadcasted from the Maunsell Sea Forts.



Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s well is located in Texas in the United States of America. Well trained professional Scuba Drivers can explore the essence of this place by jutting out from all sides of the well. Over the years numerous divers have been perished inside the well. Therefore, the general public is restricted to explore the deep waters of the place to ensure their safety and security over the destination.


So, which places are planning to explore? 

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